If you’ve not met my vampires yet, then here’s an introduction. First Time Fang Bang won the ARE Just one Bite contest many, many moons ago.

It didn’t look like a vampire club to me. I couldn’t see any fangs or bloods shed or even a predomination of black velvet. It was all quite normal really.

I got myself a glass of red wine and watched. I wasn’t really sure why I was there except that for months I had been walking past The Point and wondered what it was like inside. I’d heard the rumours, everyone had, of vampires, sex and lewd behaviour and after two glasses of red wine on a Friday night I decided to go and check it out. So I slipped into my favourite deep cleavage, short skirt man pulling outfit and went.

I felt a little like a kid in a grown up conversation, everything seemed to go above my head and I wasn’t involved. As I sipped my red wine the heavy berry favour bathed my tongue and the alcohol soothed my thoughts. I’d finish my drink and leave, I decided, after all I had done what I set out to do.  Okay, so it hadn’t turned out to be the exciting and erotic adventure I’d dreamed of, I’d had no vampires lusting to bite my neck but then vampires don’t really exist, everyone knows that.

As I finished the last few drops of my drink I noticed two very dark and very handsome men beside me.  One was wearing a red shirt, the other black and they looked as if they’d just walked off the set of an advert for aftershave, they smelled like it too. I felt intoxicated and knew it had nothing to do with the wine.

I placed the empty glass down on the bar and was about to push myself off the seat when I heard the hottie in the red top give his order to the barman,

“…and another red wine for the lovely lady beside me please.”

I looked up and he was smiling at me. I lowered my lashes and ran my hand through my hair.

“Thank you, “I replied once I managed to work out how to make words come from my mouth, “but I was just about to leave.”

“Well then call it one for the road,” the guy in black replied with a husky French accent and leaned past his friend.

“I’m Jean and my friend is Sebastian.”

I shook his hand. It was cool but strong and his touch made every thought disappear from my mind except one and that one was naughty.

“Hi,” I replied as he let my hand loose, his fingers trailing over my skin, “I’m Carrie.”

“Hi Carrie,” Sebastian’s fingers entwined in mine and sent shivers down my spine, “I’ve not seen you in here before.”

“No, it’s my first time,” I replied, his hand still enveloped mine and I didn’t want to try and withdraw in case he took it as an insult but I was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the over familiarity. It wasn’t that I disliked his touch, it was that I enjoyed it far too much.

“Oh, a virgin,” Jean smiled, “we love Point virgins.”

“Why, what do you do to them?” I asked, not realising how flirty it sounded until the words left my lips.

“Let us show you,” Sebastian pulled on the hand he still had in his grip and dragged me towards the dance floor. I laughed and looked behind me at Jean with appealing eyes, he just shrugged and followed us to the dance floor.

I don’t know what song was playing as we pierced the swaying throng of dancers, it was slow, I know that as Sebastian pulled me into his arms and held me close as soon as he cleared a space for us in the centre of the floor.

“Wow, you don’t waste any time,” I gasped as his hands gripped my waist and I was forced to hang on to his shoulders to steady myself.

“I’ve become impatient over the years. Small talk is a waste of time especially so when a hot woman is involved.”

“Oh,” I replied. My mind was a muddle of fear and desire. There was no doubting I wanted to be in his arms but I was thrown by his unconventional style. It was probably for the best, I didn’t have time to think and therefore I didn’t have time to talk my way out of things.

As I swayed against Sebastian I felt a hand on my hip, then one on the other. I didn’t scream but I did stiffen up then a familiarly exotic accent caressed the air beside my ear.

“Hey, you started without me, that’s not fair.”

And suddenly I found myself sandwiched between two hot men on the dance floor of an exotic club. Me, sensible, dependable Carrie. It all seemed like a particularly enjoyable dream but I was sure I’d wake up and it would dissolve away as such things never happened me.

I tried hard to push away my doubts as I was lodged slap bang in the middle of any girl’s wildest fantasy. I was not going to let my usual cautious nature hold me back.

“You smell delicious,” It was Jean’s voice in my ear, soft and purring, his French accent adding more spice to the already hot situation, “I just want to sink my teeth into you right here, right now.”   I gasped as his lips found the skin of my neck just below my chin. My pulse point thudded excitedly and his groan of desire sent sparks of passion flying throughout my body. I was starting to wish he would sink his teeth into me and I wondered if I could have found the vampire I’d been looking for.

“Hey, Jean,  you impatient soul, wait for me,” Sebastian’s voice was rough with arousal and as he dipped his head to taste the other side of my neck, his body pressed hard against me and I found out just how aroused he really was. I gulped down the irrational panic that rose with the lust in my breast. I was not going to wimp out on this, oh no. I went to The Point to find excitement and I was not going to run away from it. Even if it seemed to be two huge vampires with a desire for my blood.

“Carrie,” Sebastian’s accent caressed my name as he spoke it, “would you like to come with us to one of the private rooms, we would be more confortable there.”

“Well,” I replied, my voice hoarse with desire, I cleared my throat before I continued, “I would like that very much.” There, I’d said it. I’d let my body over rule my mind as it craved for more of the kisses that were still burnt on my neck and whatever else might follow. My heart beat like an impassioned rock drummer and I clung on to Sebastian for dear life.

“Wonderful,” Jean spoke and deprived me of his kisses, “let’s go through to the VIP suite.”  He grabbed my hand and turned me away from Sebastian’s body and pulled me forward none too gently. I should have been scared, especially when I felt Sebastian’s arm slip around my waist but even though I was surrounded by dangerous monsters I felt nothing but arousal and excitement.

I’d always been a vampire fan and even if the lads turned out not to be real vampires, if they’d bite my neck and indulge my fantasy I would be more than happy, I’d be ecstatic.

The huge hulk of a man on the door nodded to Jean as he let us past and smiled broadly. I felt like a piece of meat, dragged home from the hunt under the bouncer’s heavy stare and I liked it. My blood hummed inside my body as I anticipated what was to come.  We walked past the little bar and the intimately lit room directly behind the VIP doors and continued down a corridor beyond yet another scary looking bouncer. His flesh was as white as fresh milk and there was a dangerous gleam in his eye. I could see where this bar got its vampiric reputation from.

“This one is empty,” Jean said, pulling me towards a door, “follow me.”

The room was huge and dominated by the biggest four poster bed I had ever seen.  There was absolutely no doubting what this room was for and I nibbled nervously on my lip as I started to wonder if I was woman enough to take on two incredibly sexy men at once.

“No, no, no,” Jean shook his head to the beat of the sing song lilt, “do not be looking worried Ma Cherie, there is nothing to be afraid of here, is there Sebastian?”

“Not at all,” he replied, “you’re about to have one of the most fun experiences of your life, I promise you.”

I laughed nervously, “You’re terribly cocky,” I said and they just looked at each other and smiled.

“Just confident,” Sebastian continued, “now less talking, more fucking.”  I had never been with such a forthright person before and as my jaw still hung open in shock I was pulled closer to the bed.  Jean and Sebastian pushed me back and I landed with a yelp on the soft, cool satin sheets.  As I scrabbled back, trying to adjust my skirt that had ridden up to expose way too much thigh for my liking the boys stripped.

Oh, dear Lord, that is such an inadequate description for the display I devoured eagerly with my eyes. If I were to tell you in detail just how perfect their bodies were, you’d say I was exaggerating but I assure you they were the most perfect manly specimens I had ever seen. I had an urge to whip out my phone to take photos of the perfection but my bag was not to hand and I really didn’t want to take my gaze off them to search for it.

Sebastian’s skin was a light caramel colour where Jean’s was more like creamy, milk white chocolate. Both had scars, Sebastian’s just over his heart and Jean’s along the crease of his neck but somehow these enhanced their handsomeness and did not detract from it.  I barely had space for thoughts in my mind it was too full of the erotic images before me. Two hot men were taking off their trousers before me but as the underwear disappeared a little doubt wriggled its way in amongst the lust. What on earth would they make of my body?

I was pretty and I could make the most of my good curves, the plentiful cleavage, the hips and the arse to match. Also I’d learnt to hide the curves I was not so proud of but I wondered what would my hot lads make of my hidden curves?  I was very worried they would hate them.

I was distracted by my thoughts and it was only the weight on the bed that made me realise that the two fully naked and obviously horny men were climbing up the bed to join me.

“You have too many clothes on, ma Cherie,” said Jean, “we must remedy that.”

And before I could articulate any kind of misgivings he had pulled off my top and Sebastian had his hand on the top of my thigh. At that point I decided to stop listening to myself and just go with the flow. I was not going to let my stupid misgivings get in the way of me enjoying what was about to happen to the full.

“You’re so hot and soft and you smell divine,” Sebastian cooed as he traced kisses down my neck to my chest and into my cleavage. His hand rested high up my thigh and I wished he’d move it even higher. As Sebastian kissed, Jean worked on the practicalities. He took mere moments to pop open my bra fastenings and to run the straps down my arms. He kissed a trail behind them and so I did not worry about the natural give of my large breasts, I was too distracted by the sensation of two mouths on me at once.

Sebastian did not hesitate to move his roaming kisses onto the flesh of my breast and down to my eagerly puckered nipples.  Jean kissed my fingers, which in comparison seems boring but I can tell you the thrill of finger disappearing in between hot lips is not something to be dismissed. He stared deep into my eyes as he plunged his mouth over my pointer finger and it was by far the most deliciously seductive thing I have ever witnessed.

“So hot,” Jean gasped, “I want more.”

And so did I. His hands ran down my hips, up under my skirt and into my knickers. I groaned as he pulled the material to the side and slid his fingers into me, slowly and confidently hitting hotspots to make me writhe against Sebastian’s teasing mouth.

“I need to fuck, you Carrie, I really do.”

“Yes,” I gasped, without a split second’s thought, “yes, fuck me.”

He moved in closer, his body cupped around my back and he lifted my top thigh with his large, cool hand and pressed against my bum. Every brush of his skin against mine sent shocks of arousal straight through me.  His cock slipped down the crack of my buttocks and nestled for mere seconds at my entrance before pushing in deep and filling me to complete my lust.

“Fuck yes,” I gasped before Sebastian’s lips pressed against mine and any other noises I made were muffled by his kiss. I grabbed onto his hips as Jean thrust rhythmically making my body shake and explode with excitement. Sebastian’s hands shifted down over the rumpled ring of my skirt and under the stretched band of my knickers and into my warm slit. His finger slipped to where Jean I and were joined then rubbed back up to my clit. The juices of my excitement meant his finger glided over me, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm with each pass.

My mind could barely comprehend it. I was being fucked by one hot stud and kissed by another. I have never felt so alive before, so wanton and free. I was startled when Jean spoke as I was lost in the flow of my lust.

“Baby, you’re so good,” he said, his cock stilled inside of me and left me aching for more. “I want to share you with Sebastian, I want to slip right back here,” he said, squeezing a buttock, “so Sebastian can enjoy your fine pussy, is that okay?”

I tensed up, I had tried anal sex before and not liked it but I wanted it, I want to stuff both those cocks inside of me and to revel in the excesses of sensation.  I nodded emphatically.

“Oh, Carrie, this is going to be so good.”

I was wet. I could feel how so as Jean pulled his cock from inside me, and slipped himself back, rubbing my juices onto my small, tight hole.

“Here, mate,” Sebastian stretched back and pulled a small tube off the bedside table, “use this.”

“Thank you,” Jean replied and as his dick pressed eagerly against me I heard the tube uncapped then felt a cold jolt as he rubbed the  unctuous fluid into my relaxing hole, his finger slipped in eliciting a gasp from between my lips. Another finger joined it and as I was invaded Sebastian kept up the pressure on my clit and the pleasure and pain coalesced until I begged breathily for more.

“I’m going to ease slowly into you,” Jean whispered, his lips pressed forward to kiss my neck, his sharp teeth grazing my skin, “you’re so fucking tight, Carrie.” He pressed into me, I strained to accommodate him for a moment, but the constant rub of Sebastian’s finger on my clit combined with his forceful, heavy kiss  made me relax and open up to Jean’s invasion.

“Oh, fuck,” I gasped as he gently pressed deeper, “oh, fuck,”

“It’s good, isn’t it?” Jean groaned, “oh, so good, just wait until Sebastian joins me, you’ll come so hard you won’t know what hit you.”

Sebastian shifted his weight, angling his body so his pelvis fitted against mine. Jean tipped my hips on his in a calculated move that opened me up just the fraction needed to allow Sebastian to press his cock into my wet pussy. He slid in slowly and I felt full. I know that is a short, inadequate word but that was the first sensation I felt. It wasn’t until the guys began to move that the fullness turned into full on pleasure.

Two men used me and I enjoyed every last movement of it. I was in raptures. I could feel them moving against each other inside of me and Sebastian, sweet, hard Sebastian was grinding against me in such a way that made my clit sing. I shuddered with mini orgasms until I was on the brink of ecstasy.

“Now,” Sebastian hissed and I felt teeth at my neck to the front and the back of me.  I came, I thrashed and I screamed as they punctured my flesh and sucked. I wasn’t scared though, it didn’t hurt it accentuated the pleasure of my body encompassing orgasm. And the rhythm of their sucking echoed through my clenching cunt as they exploded inside of me.

The next morning I woke in the strange bed, naked beneath the soft sheets. I looked around and on the table beside me were a card and a pile of bank notes.

We hope you enjoyed your visit to The Point, we did. Please come back soon, your body and your blood is intoxicating.
Love & lust,
Sebastian and Jean.

I smiled and began to plan my return visit. Vampires are addictive.

© Victoria Blisse