Today is my ninth Wedding Anniversary and to celebrate I am going to share 9 special moments form those 9 years with you. Starting with, the obvious.

1, Our Wedding Day

Kev, or Totoro-san as he’s known online married me on the 23rd of September in the year 2000. It was a windy but lovely day and will always stick out in my mind. We had met 3 years before in an internet chat room and from that moment on we were inseperable.

2, My 23rd Birthday

We had very, very little money at this time. I was pregnant, Kev wasn’t working and we weren’t getting the benefit we were entitled to for some silly little hiccup that did later get sorted out. But my birthday came around and I remember Kev was really upset that he wouldn’t be able to get me a proper present. I told him it didn’t matter, a chocolate bar and a can of pepsi max would be perfect because I’d not had either in a long time and I told him what mattered was that we were together.

So on my birthday I got a card and a present wrapped, I seem to remember, in newspaper. It was a chocolate bar and a can of Pepsi max and you know what? I loved that present the most even though it cost so very little because he’d saved what little he could to buy it for me.

3, The Birth of our Child

On the 7th of November I was induced as my blood pressure was getting higher and higher. After only 3 1/2 hours of labour, baby Kit was born. Awww. This is a photo taken on the day they came home from hospital.


4, Visits to West Kirby

This isn’t one specific memory but it is several happy trips under the one title. When we lived over on the wirral West Kirby was only a train ride away. It’s a sweet little seaside town and we had many happy trips there with Kit when they were little.

We would go, play on the sand for a while then get an ice cream on our way back into town. We’d buy this yummy cheesy bread from a shop near the front for tea then we’d stroll around the shops and occassionally we’d treat ourselves to a fish and chip lunch. It was a lovely place to visit and I remember many happy moments there.

5, The one and only Christmas

When we moved over to Ashton we fell in love with the house we rented out. It was lovely, it had a great feel and I was so happy to be there. Until a matter of days later when we found out that our street was going to eventually be demolished.

Our time there was going to be short, so that Christmas we went all out. We bought loads of decorations, mostly from Charity shops where we would get the gaudiest, tackiest ones we could find and we decorated that house from top to toe. We were going to give it one last Christmas it would always remember.

Yes, I’m crazy and my darling husband went along with me. We had a lovely Christmas which I will always remember fondly even if several things didn’t quite go to plan.

6, Scarborough

We go to Scarborough every year and every year we create wonderful memories. This particular memory is from a time when we went to Scarborough for a weekend, just Kev and I. We had a lovely time, good weather even though it was early in the year and we did all the things we love to do…I won’t go into any more detail there, folks, use your imagination. ;)

One day though we were walking down to the beach front, I do believe we were going to take a trip on the open top bus, and we stopped on a Bench part way down and as we sat we watched a bunch of pigeons eating up little crumbs of dropped food. One we really took to, he only had one leg. We called him Cassidy.

It sounds like a strange little memory to share, but it was a warm, carefree moment where we enjoyed using our imaginations and our humour to make up stories and personality traits for Cassidy and that is something I love about my husband. He is so imaginative and a great big kid at heart just like me!

7, Durham

It was a drab, dull, uninspiring day. We went on a coach trip to Durham and despite the weather, Kev, Kit and I had great fun. We visited the beautiful cathedral and this photo was taken outside and I love it because it just captures us perfectly.

8, Mystery Tour

We took a trip, again just as a couple and ended up in Shrewsbury and the next day we went to Stratford Upon Avon. It was a lovely weekend, cold and snowy as it was in early February but we had a great time.

I will always remember following our noses to find a lovely chip shop in Shrewsbury and wandering through Shakespeare’s Birthplace and the special spotty outfit I wore. *grins*

9, Today

And not just because it is our anniversary. It is a special day of course, we’re indulging ourselves with lots of home made goodness. I’ve baked bread, made scones, there is homemade lasagne for tea and pavlova for dessert, of course. My pavlova got him to propose you know, well that’s how the story goes. ;)

Today is special because I am married to my soul mate and every day, every single today will be special and will hold happy memories because I’m with the love of my life.


So my Darling Totoro-san, Happy Anniversary and here’s to many more!