We had the house to ourselves.

It was our 20th Wedding Anniversary.

So we headed straight to the bedroom, of course.

We’ve talked about playing with our vacuum cups pretty much the whole of the pandemic but never get to it, so that’s where we started. The tight stinging pull was actually quite challenging but when hubs placed one on the centre of my chest and wiggled it, I forgot the pain as it seems that spot is connected directly to my cunt.  So Kev played with making me moan and writhe just from tapping the side of the cup. And when he took it off? Well it was literally orgasmic.

I put some cups on him, as turnaround is fair play. He bruises like a peach, sod that he is, so he got some amazing round bruises where my marks faded to lil’ rings within minutes. I played my fingers and nails against his skin and had him purring for me. Always a good thing!

Next comes one of the reasons I’ve been with this man over half my life. He got out some beating equipment. Now, you know Kev isn’t into beating at the level I take it. Hence he ‘hires me out’ as he puts it, so others have to put all the hard work in. But he knows how much I’ve missed being beaten so he decided to treat me.

See why I married him?

I told him as I settled I didn’t want anything too challenging. My pain slut is craving but my body is weak in general so I didn’t want to make it work too hard. He built me up slowly, starting with the wonderful baton that I could be hit with all day. It’s so deep and satisfying. I would have been happy with just that but he moved onto paddles. One, plain and light that made a booming noise and then Xavier. Oh God, I love that paddle so much. My bestie in America made it for me. And it has it’s name because of the X on one side. It cuts through me as if I were butter. It has such a mellow bass sound that echoes through my brain and my toes and my cunt. It’s a fucking delight.

Oh, yes, talking about vibrations, Kev set a vibrator between my thighs. Just enough to remind me it existed and was excited but not enough to come. He’d whip it out now and then to run over the sore skin of my butt making me gasp and wiggle and even giggle.  Maybe there’s a bit of a sadist streak in him…just a lil’ one.

We moved to crop and cane. Keeping it light but for one hard strike of the evil delrin cane I made with Kinkcraft. I wanted to hear it cutting through the air and feel that intense sting. Just once. Just once was ample.

I asked him to take some photos and at that point he asked for permission to hit me with the spiky paddle. Kev loves blood. And one of the reasons we don’t play like this often is that my arse is usually in high demand. Pre-pandemic I’d get a beating 2/3 times a month usually, so I didn’t want to have scabs on my butt (and other places. I get hit everywhere) so we’d only do it now and then.

As I have no plans for (whimpers) fuck knows how long I agreed he could go to town. I love the feel of the spikes digging into my skin. It’s scratchy more than stingy and leaves a wonderful warmth. I ended up with a beautifully bloodied butt.

Kev took photos and lovingly swirled patterns with his fingers in it.

Kinked out, we snuggled (after I got up to go to the loo. I so often need a pee after a beats) then I ran a bath for hubs, to sooth his aching bits.

My masochist has been reveling, staring at my butt in the mirror every time I go through the landing, moaning when I sit and it hurts. In bed last night I’d roll over and my arse would sting and it would make me smile big. It didn’t wake it, it felt like it soothed me to sleep all the sooner.

God, I love my husband so very, very much.

Here’s to the next 20 years and more together.