On the 27th August 2016 Victoria Blisse was ordained into Refreshing Ministry by Reverend David Gray at the beginning of Manchester Pride.

Forced out and having had her personhood denied by a church because of her role as an erotic author, she doesn’t want anyone else to feel that rejection and she certainly doesn’t want people feeling that such rejection comes from God.

Victoria’s calling is to affirm those who may have struggled with their faith because of the way society responds to their sexuality or who may have been made to feel guilty because the nature of their consenting adult desires do not oblige a traditional mind-set – the very mind-set that often historically colluded with and covered up the sexual abuse of children.

Victoria ministers to those left to feel guilty about how they feel and what they do. She is moved to counter a culture from which folk may feel they have to hide part of themselves, not socially accepted or who are afraid of the backlash they could endure.

Victoria says of her ministry: “God keeps showing me time and time again that writing about sex, enjoying sex, even being kinky isn’t a bad thing at all. Embracing who you are is part of the journey to discovering the full vastness of God’s love.

My ministry happens on the internet and at various sex connected events I attend. It is expressed by my writing up my own experiences of sex and spirituality in my blog, through social media, chatting to other’s who see my faith and my job and wonder how I can do both without guilt and in person, affirming people’s life choices, their desires and helping them become comfortable with all they are. God is calling me to be a beacon of light in the darkness of hypocrisy; calling me to be a welcome where there has previously only been rejection; to reach out to those in the kink world, the erotica writing world and beyond to be a sex positive spiritual role model”.