21st Day of Blissemas with Lucy Felthouse, Jaqueline Brocker giveaway and Ugly Socks blog hop!

Blissemas Day 21

Lucy Felthouse is the Blissemas Elf today on the last day(aw) of blissemas blogs but don’t worry! Blissemas is open until the 31st December! Anyway, back on track, Lucy is introducing us to her Christmas release, today! Check it out and leave a comment to be in to win the Blissemas Kindle Fire!

Jacqueline Brocker Giveaway on the Advent Calendar.

Jacqueline Brocker is giving away a copy of SIlver Bells as her prize on theSmutters Advent Calendar today.

And I’m taking part in the Ugly Christmas sock blog hop! Oh yes, leave a comment on this post and you’ll be in to win a copy of Always Christmas in Lincoln and a pair of Ugly Christmas socks…these are special ones I can send through email too!

Here’s a little snippet from Always Christmas in Lincoln full of the wonderful tackiness of the season, no socks though and yes, this particular scene is set in the middle of Summer. Carl runs and all year round Christmas shop!

Always Christmas in Lincoln

“Yes, I’m mad,” he said. “I know that. I love Christmas.”

“Oh, no, it’s sweet,” I gasped. “It’s just…I’m not a fan of the festive season.” “Really?”

“Really, really. It’s not Christmas, just something happened at that time of year and…well; it kind of poisoned my enjoyment of it.”

“That’s awful,” Carl sympathised. “I hope you work out some way to separate the two, because no one should miss out on the joy of Christmas.”

The silence that fell wasn’t particularly awkward. Funny how quickly a stranger can become a friend, but I was on edge because I could feel him beside me, smell his light cinnamon aftershave, and I just wanted to pounce on him and have my wicked way.

“I guess I should be going,” I sighed. “Not that I want to go out there again—it’s so cool and refreshing in here.”

“Then stay. I’d be grateful of the company while I finish putting together my North Pole.”

“Well, if you’re sure…”

“Yes, yes, stay. I could do with a second opinion on where to place my candy canes.” “All right,” I agreed. “Can I give you a hand since I’m here anyway?”

“Well, go on then. I’m used to doing them on my own, but I’ve seen your window displays and they’re always gorgeous. Can you organise the penguins and polar bears for me?”

“Sure.” I smiled, shut the laptop and picked up a polar bear. It’s not often a person gets to say that, I suppose. We chatted amicably as we positioned and re-positioned soft toys, ornaments and gingerbread houses. I’d not felt so relaxed and happy for a long while. The loneliness had sunk into my soul and I’d barely even recognised it. As I pondered what that meant for me and my life, I miscalculated how far forward I needed to lean to place my singing, dancing penguin, and I slipped. I knocked into Carl, yelped and thankfully landed on the soft toys. Carl’s landing wasn’t quite so soft, since he ended up on top of me.

“Oh, fu—I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Carl pushed himself up, but I was still very aware of his pelvis pressing against mine. “Don’t worry, accidents happen.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll pay for anything I’ve broken, I’ll put everything back in just the place it was…”

Carl kissed me.

It was far more complex than that, but at that moment my mind went blank and I just couldn’t think. His lips were on mine. They were plump, hot and very skilled. He took my breath away with just the gentlest undulations. I wrapped my arms around him without thought; pulled him close and let out all the passion that had built up inside me.

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