Women In Lust.

Today I am hosting the Women In Lust Blog tour.


Women in Lust is an anthology put together by Rachel Kramer Bussell and I’ve been eagerly devouring it over the last few days. It is filled with stories of passion and want where women give in to their deepest desires.

There’s a wonderful selection of stories about women who are all very different but have one thing in common, they know what they want and how to get it.

I am sure I will reveal alot about myself when I tell you that my favourite story of the bunch is Rachel Kramer Bussel’s own story, Hot for Teacher. I was taken by how different it was from the usual schoolgirl fantasy story. You know that Meredith is a mature student, you are introduced to her quite thoroughly. I love to get to know characters, it adds a further dimension to an erotic story. I also share Meredith’s particular want and need when it comes to teacher and found the scenes written with great clarity and detail. Rachel Kramer Bussel really knows how to write sex and to write it well.

Every story in the anthology has it’s merits, there isn’t duff one in the Lot. I love KD Grace’s Strapped where what you expect is turned on its head and Portia Da Costa’s artfully told Naughty Thoughts reveals the intimate moment a woman tells her lover exactly what she wants and desires from him. Charlotte Stein’s teasingly hot tale Guess is another story that jumps back to my mind.

I love the variety in this selection and the passion. You can’t beat a good bit of bodice-tearing, mind-occupying lust and every single story in this anthology leaves you breathless and waiting for more.

You can pick up your copy of Women in lust Here and to find out a bit more about it check out the Women in Lust Site. I heartily recommend you do so as quickly as you possibly can. This is a hot, demanding read that shouldn’t be missed!