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Welcome Will Belegon, author, editor and all round lovely fella to my blog today!

A Writer Writes Blog post by Will Belegon

Writing is a confounding profession. With most career choices, there is a well-marked path to follow. That is not to say success is guaranteed in other careers. Life doesn’t work that way.

But there is usually an indication things are moving in the right direction. Or the wrong one. If an hourly rate or a bi-weekly paycheck provides anything, it provides feedback.

A writer, on the other hand, often struggles through hours, weeks or even years without knowing whether the time invested will bring anything in return. I’ve struggled with this, and with the almost certain knowledge that most other outlets for my creative energy would at least enable me to get a couple thousand followers on Pinterest or Twitter. If not financial remuneration, at least fifteen seconds of fame that may or may not count towards my Warholian promised minutes. So, why am I writing again?

There are as many quotes about writing and as many methods of writing as there are writers. Some feel right at times, some wrong. They may jump back and forth between those extremes without notice. But the only one that really, really rings true with me is perhaps the simplest. A writer writes.

So, I keep coming back to this. Pounding keys. Breaking pencil leads. Laughing at the “corrections” Microsoft Word throws out and wondering how many people actually accept them as wise and proper.

A writer writes. Whether he writes juvenile song lyrics at fifteen, Jim Morrison and Dylan Thomas influenced poetry at twenty-five, a sports blog at thirty-five or erotica and urban fantasy in his forties. A writer writes. He, or she, might try to stop. They might give it up for a period. Dive into video game heroics, become addicted to Breaking Bad or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, decide to imitate Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan by taking martial arts in a class where you could add up the ages of three of the other students and have a five year cushion.

Here I go again. A writer writes. Luckily, sometimes a writer makes some friends along the way who are just as crazy as he is. Perhaps they enable him. Perhaps they just know that he can’t stop being what he is, any more than they could. Perhaps, if he is really, really lucky… they believe in him.

So, I’ve got a book out. One that represents the most recent part of this journey, taking several published pieces that ran past their contracts and bringing them into a single work. It is a good way for us to be more formally introduced. Hopefully, some of you who enable us to will pick it up and give me a chance to write more. It would be a kindness, because I’m going to write more anyway and it will be a lot easier to look in the mirror and say I’m accomplishing something if I can point to a few people who smiled, laughed or cringed at something I created.
And of course maybe, if I am really, really, lucky… some of you will like it enough to buy the next one. But regardless of whether you do or not…

A writer writes.

And Will’s latest release is When there’s a Will.

When there's a Will -Will Belegon


When There’s A Will brings together examples from the first decade of Will Belegon’s depravity, showcasing love, sex and occasionally the threat of something even more intense. Collegiate discoveries, forbidden trysts, paranormal surprises… they’re all here, and more. If you like your women with attitudes, your men with resolve and your sex hot, you’ll find a lot to love in this anthology of erotica.


Now closer to fifty than forty, Will Belegon still refuses to grow up. Like him, his characters believe in dreams, love like it’s the first time, dance like nobody’s watching and refuse to be told the odds. When not writing or editing, Will stays young by playing with swords, teaching marital arts and thinking that love and music might just save the world after all. He can be visited on Facebook, Twitter or at http://willbelegon.com.