Welcome Eliot Hastings!

Eliot is my guest blogger for the day!Hello Eliot, welcome to the world of Blisse!


I picked up a useful tip today, well, it’s not really new, but I am, at least I’m completely new to blogging and when I was invited I was naturally flattered but also had problems knowing what to write. Later in the day I stumbled across JoannePenn the “20 bad ideas” blog, and was later looking at an article on the Apollo mission. Did you know each mission contained over 6 million parts? Even at a target of 99.99% reliability, that means they actually expected to experience nearly 600 faults, so they took precautions and designed the systems to be flexible enough to recover or deal with them.

Sometimes writing feels a bit like that when the words don’t flow, but writing that new novel is nowhere near as complicated as a space rocket. As George W. Bush once said, “it’s not rocket surgery”.

We can afford to experiment in some areas, make a few mistakes, learn a bit and try something different. I think the secret is to get something on the page and then work with it rather than thinking it has to be right first time. After all that’s what edits and rewrites are for isn’t it? So now it’s back to the 20 bad ideas to see what comes up next!


Peter was an assertive man, in complete control of his life and work. But in his closest relationships he was a natural submissive, and he had been searching for a dominant partner for as long as he could remember. Dissatisfied with his relationships, he had sought the services of a professional Mistress. Lisa enjoyed her work as a sadistic Dominatrix, exploiting his masochism and they soon became good friends. It seemed as if he had everything he needed, and his search was over. Then he met Suzy and fell in love with her, they were brought together by a quirk of fate. She had her own agenda, but there was something unspoken, something below the surface that drew them together, but would she love him? And if she did, would he be able to live a life denying his need to be dominated?

Forbidden Pleasures, Forgiven Desires is available from Amazon UK, Amazon US, All Romance eBooks and many, many more.

Eliot Hastings is a technical author and began writing short stories as a hobby some years ago. He is an engineering graduate and lives in Warwickshire, his interests include Architecture and History and he considers himself lucky to live in a country steeped in history. It allows him to follow two of his favourite hobbies which are photography and visiting historic buildings and Cathedrals. Eliot is into motor sports and music and he is a regular at race meetings and gigs up and down the country.