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Village Siren

It’s great to be here in the purple sparkles with Victoria again – thanks, Victoria, for your unfailing generosity.

So far on this tour I’ve blogged about the village setting and some of the historical background for my new paranormal novel, Saxonhurst Secrets, but I haven’t said much about the characters. And that’s strange, because the story is enormously character-driven, and in Adam, Evie and Julia I’ve written three of my favourite fictional creations.

Today I’m going to talk about Evie. Evie Witts is a bad girl. A very, very bad girl. But it’s not her fault – she can’t help it. At least, this is what Adam Flint, the new village vicar decides when he makes up his mind to ‘save’ her. But Evie doesn’t want saving – she has an agenda of her own that Adam must never find out.

When I was writing, I had in mind the young Catherine Zeta Jones, around the time she was starring in the TV version of The Darling Buds of May. Big gypsy skirts, flirty dark eyes, a mane of hair and a riotous sensuality that simply radiated from her. How is my poor virginal vicar ever supposed to resist?


Here’s a taste of her temptressy ways:

Evie showed up at Adam’s door in a pair of the tiniest cut-off shorts imaginable and a bikini top. She had a jewelled ring in her navel and ribbon-tied espadrilles on her feet.

“Evening, vicar. What am I in for tonight? Revelations?”

She sashayed in, moving straight past him so he had to follow her. The abbreviated shorts showed the lower portion of her bottom, on which the fading marks from the willow thrashing she had received the night before were still highly visible.

Adam swallowed, trying his hardest not to look, but her hips swayed and she pushed her bum out as if inviting his eyes.

In the study he shut the door behind him and said, “Take a seat.”

“I don’t know as I can, vicar,” she said, all doe eyes and pouting. “My bum’s so sore today. I know I shouldn’t be such a bad girl, but I can’t help it somehow. I’m always getting spanked by someone or other. Do you think I deserve it?”

In an agony of desire, he managed to cough out the word, “Yes.”

“If I was thinking straight, I’d have put on a nice loose dress today, but somehow I wanted to wear these instead. Pulling ’em up over my bum was agony though! And now I’ve got tight, rough denim rubbing over those marks, making ’em sting all the more. It feels so hot and uncomfortable.”

She put her hands on her buttocks and stroked them slowly up and down while Adam watched transfixed.

“Tell you what, vicar, have you got any cream? E45 or similar? Just I’m not going to be able to concentrate with this burn behind.”

“Right. I’ll have a look.”

He darted out, relieved to be away from her, and went to check the bathroom cabinet. When he returned with the tube of salve, he waited outside the study door for a moment, gathering himself, imagining a giant obscene orchid standing in the middle of the room, radiating toxic scent that would overpower and knock him out. That’s what Evie was. A beautiful flower with monstrous properties. He needed to be on his guard.

He opened the door and held the tube out to her, but she shook her head, hair hanging over her eye coquettishly.

“Oh, vicar, I was hoping you might do the honours. Can’t really reach down myself, or see where the marks are. Would you mind?”

Already she was unbuttoning, then she turned her back to him and eased the shorts with infinite care and gentleness over her rounded bottom, revealing her thong and the angry reddening welts the denim had aggravated back into full throb.

“It’s not…I can’t. I’ll leave you to it.”


Her heartfelt purr undid him. He uncapped the tube and smeared some of the pale cream on to his fingers, then moved towards where Evie had bent herself over his desk, soft globes presented, perfect legs pressed together.

“Look, Evie…”

“Oh, it’s so sore, please put some on me.”

As if his fingers were magnets heading for the field of attraction, he placed his fingertips at the end of one particularly cruel-looking criss cross of marks and pressed the cream in. It felt so hot. The cream evaporated instantly, turning to colourless grease that made the red patches shine.

“Oh yes, that’s nice, more please.”

He began to treat her welts in earnest, gently circling her buttocks with cream-tipped fingers, waiting for each treatment to soak in before applying more.

Fatal weakness travelled from his fingers through his wrists and up his arms as if her allure had entered his bloodstream. He caressed each raised red line with infinite care, wishing beyond everything that he had been the man to inflict them, that he was performing this act of tenderness after beating the devil from her, and that she was bent over now sobbing with remorse and eager to make amends for her sin.

How magnanimous he would be, how protective and nurturing of her newly-minted virtue. She would accept his proposal and become the model vicar’s wife, baking victoria sponges in a floaty dress with flowers in her hair.

They could be happy. God would show them how to be happy.

Evie coughed and looked over her shoulder.

“Hello? Vicar? Are you with us?”

He came to with a start, realising that he had paused in his ministrations and his hands rested on Evie’s bottom, as if warming themselves on a radiator.

“Oh! Yes. I, er, had an idea for my sermon. Sorry.”

More information about Saxonhurst Secrets here:

On the surface, Saxonhurst is like every other sleepy English village in the Vale of Parham.

But what explanations are there for its unfailingly bountiful harvests, its amazingly successful cricket team, its bizarre and bacchanalian May Day rituals?

New vicar Adam Flint is bent on finding out why Saxonhurst has the nickname ‘most godless village in England’. With the help and hindrance of village siren Evie and the strange and remote Lady of the Manor, Julia, he uncovers closets full of skeletons. And not just skeletons – flesh and blood bodies rich in temptations as well…

Will the secrets of Saxonhurst be Adam’s ruin?

And it’s available now from Amazon

Thanks for reading! And thanks again, Victoria. If anyone would like to win a copy of Saxonhurst Secrets then simply leave a comment and you’ll be entered into the draw for a paperback copy. The winner will be picked on Friday 21st September.

Saxonhust Secrets Review

What a book, I read it in one sitting because the story is intriguing. Now, as a Christian I have to say I was a touch nervous about this one but at no point does Justine poke any fun at God. She takes a few good swipes at the ridiculousness of religion but I don’t find anything objectionable in her representation of Adam, a vicar. In fact, she’s got the whole Church of England set up down to a tee!

Saxonhurst Secrets is filled with rich characters and those quaint little details that really add so much to a setting. It is hard not to love Evie, even though she’s such a naughty girl. And Adam is such a sweetheart, I really fell for him too! It is a twisted tale of love and lust and it is often hard to work out which is which. A quaint English romance with a racy, raunchy and ghostly twist. A fantastic read that I heartily recommend!