Take Me, I’m yours!

Just don’t tell the Husband. ;)

Actually this post is all about taking something else entirely, a book full of hot submission stories that contains a title of mine.

The book is called Take Me and here’s the blurb:

A Collection of Submissive Adventures

Ten rough and ready stories about men who take the lead and adventurous women. Original erotica from Lucy Salisbury, Sommer Marsden, Rose de Fer, Tenille Brown, Giselle Renarde and many more.

When Alice meets a charismatic stranger on a train, she’s introduced to a special brand of corrective public shame…

On the porch of her new home, Maggie’s feet don’t touch the ground when a local tom cat takes a fancy to her…

Julie is an investigator hot on the trail of a wayward wife who’s in danger of being handled like the suspect…

And the cover isn’t he-I mean it-gorgeous?


My story in it is called ‘A night in with the Boys’ and here’s an excerpt from the beginning of the story for you:

‘I thought you were out,’ he said, by way of an excuse for being caught with his mate’s cock in his hand.

‘I was but Natalie felt sick and Debbie took her home and I wasn’t going to stay out on my own. So I’m back. I did ring but you didn’t answer. Looks like you had your hands full.’ Really full actually. I couldn’t stop staring at Luke’s dick. I know it’s rather rude of me but really, I’ve dreamed about it so often, I wanted to feast my eyes on it while I could.

‘Oh.’ Rick exhaled and shifted in his seat. He didn’t let go of Luke’s erection though. Obviously he didn’t want to. I couldn’t say I blamed him. I noticed Luke’s cheeks were red when I finally looked higher than his crotch but I wasn’t sure if that was out of embarrassment or arousal or maybe a bit of both. ‘I’m sorry, Claire,’ he mumbled, ‘I should probably go.’ ‘Oh, no, you’re not getting out of it that easily, mate. I did not expect to come home to you guys getting it on.’ ‘Well, you’ve always known I was bi.’ Rick shrugged. The motion slipped his hand up and down Luke’s cock and he bit down on his lip to stop himself moaning.

‘Yes, and “was” is the operative word in that sentence. I thought you told me I was all you needed. How you barely even thought of boys any more?’ I was too aroused to be properly angry but I wasn’t willing to let go without a fight. It might be a hot bloke he’s messing around with but it’s still a breach of trust.

‘I know and it’s true, mostly. But Luke is different and we only ever wank each other off. I don’t let him fuck me.’

I would never have guessed that my dominant boyfriend was a bottom. A world of possibilities opened up in my mind as I thought of Luke fucking the shit out of Rick’s fine arse or even me doing it. I’ve always fancied trying a strap-on but it hasn’t been a subject I’ve broached with him. ‘Claire, I do love you and I do want to be with you but every now and then I just get this urge for cock,’ Rick continued. He’d obviously taken my silence asanger, not a personal fantasy break. ‘I can’t help it and Luke is my mate and we’ll always be mates, just mates.’

‘Just mates who play with each other’s dicks,’ I added and before Rick could interrupt I continued, ‘It’s not the need for dick that’s worrying me, babe. It’s the fact you’ve kept it from me. I know you’re bi. I’ve listened to your fantasies, remember? Hell, I’ve even come up with a few of them myself. The problem is that you chose to keep it to yourself. That hurts me.’

‘That’s my fault.’ Luke spoke up. ‘Ricky’s always wanted to tell you but I’ve been afraid of you finding out and telling your mates and then maybe the word would get back to my Sophie and she’d kill me.’ I’d forgotten all about Luke’s bit of stuff. I’d never met her but heard plenty about her perfect princess ways.

‘She doesn’t know you’re bi?’

‘I didn’t know until a few months ago,’ he said with a shrug. ‘Oh.’ Now I realise at this point I should have yelled, screamed, stormed out and had a hissy fit. My trust had been misused and I’d been lied to. However, that wasn’t the part of the story I chose to focus on. I was too busy thinking about having two very hot bi guys in the room at my beck and call. Maybe I could get to live out one of my favourite fantasies. Well, I had to try and the drinks I’d had at the pub gave me the confidence to go for it.

‘Right, well, here’s how I see it. You boys are enjoying yourselves and you’re doing no one any harm. Rick, we’ll have to talk about some trust issues but right now I’ve had a few and I’m feeling horny. So I’m going to cut right to the chase. If you let me join in with you guys I’ll not say a word to my mates about it. What do you think? Go on, talk amongst yourselves.’ I waved my hands about. ‘I’ll take off my coat and shoes and get myself sorted while you decide.’

I tried hard not to listen to their conversation as I took off my coat and hung it up in the hall. I slipped out of my shoes, meaning to do it slowly but really very eager to hear their decision. ‘So?’ I said as I walked back into the living room. Rick had let go of Luke’s dick but it still hung outside his trousers. It was a little limper but I was sure I could fix that in a jiffy.

‘We accept,’ the guys replied in unison. ‘Good,’ I said, grinning. ‘I was hoping you’d say that. Now continue from where you were. I want to see what you were doing.’ As my boyfriend reasserted his grip on Luke’s penis I ran the zip down the back of my night-out dress. The black number slinked down over my curves and left me standing in my best underwear. ‘Fuck,’ Luke moaned, ‘look at those tits.’ ‘I know, mate,’ Rick chirped as he fisted Luke’s cock. ‘I told you she had a fine set, didn’t I?’ ‘Do you boys discuss my boobs often?’ I asked as I sauntered across the living room to join them.

‘A bit,’ Luke admitted. ‘I’ve always admired your cleavage from afar.’ ‘Well, now you can appreciate it close up.’ I knelt on the floor in front of him.

You can pick up Take Me for just 99p, bargain! Currently the Mischief site is listing it as ‘coming soon’ I suspect this is a blip as it was definitely downloadable on Thursday when it was released but you can definitely pick it up from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, google books and all good online booksellers.

And now just a little advert for a new feature that will start here next week.


Saturday is the start of the weekend, a time when you get to do less of what you have to do and more of what you want to do. I thought I’d celebrate that by telling you all about the kinds of things I do that don’t involve my day job. There will be recipes, suggestions for trips out and activities to do with restless kids (mine is 10!) as well as craft ideas, sewing projects and more. You’ll be able to have a go at something different knowing I’ve tried and tested it first!

I’m hoping it will be a weekly occurance as I’ve got loads i want to share with you!