Selena Blake is a Moody Writer.

Welcome Selena Blake, to today, she’s taking the UK by storm!


I’m a moody writer.


I don’t mean that I’m moody…okay, sometimes I am. What I mean is that I write according to my moods.

When readers ask me when my next book is coming out, I get a twinge of anxiety. There are days when I can push through a less-than-stellar-mood. Other days, stand back. I’ll write up a hurricane. And some days, no matter how much I want to, I just can’t put pen to paper. Or finger to keyboard as it was.

The problem with being a creative is that so many things around me affect my disposition.

If I get caught up in the news, my mood usually goes south and who wants to write love and happily ever after when you’re pretty sure the world is going to end?

If I read a book that’s particularly fabulous, I find myself becoming reflective. That’s a good thing. But if I’m not careful, I can easily get lost in the ‘my work will never be this good’ pit of despair.

And if I find myself online too much or away from the computer for too long, guilt eats me like a flesh eating virus. My readers are so important to me and I hate disappointing them. They’re waiting on books and I want to give them great reads.

But sometimes life is a perfect storm of distractions and rocky emotions. I imagine many writers are in the same boat.

So what have I found to keep things balanced?

• Well, balance, for one. Making time to do certain things, guilt free. An appointed time for hanging out with my readers online is important. It keeps me connected and lets me interact without feeling guilty.

• Establishing a writing routine accounts for a lot. Instead of feeling guilty, I can go about my next task knowing that I’ve already met my word count goal for the day. I feel the opposite of guilty, I feel productive.

• Shutting out the outside world can really help me focus. And let’s face it, presidential elections aren’t for months and I don’t need to hear more sob stories that I can do nothing about (but feel bad.) I can’t donate money to every cause that tugs at my heart strings so it’s better to just shut off the news, unplug the phone and get to work.

• Finding the joy in my writing and in telling my characters story is always refreshing, even when I’m not particularly happy with the way a story is going. Working toward the end goal is a huge mood booster.

• Talking things through with a friend can help me sort out everything that’s on my mind. I have a handful of fellow writers that I’m close to that can be counted on to sooth me and give me a boost. These people are so important to me. Such friends would be important to any writer.

• When all else fails, finishing a project is an amazing high and I know it’ll be there for me when I type the end. That knowledge drives me hard. It’s a legal drug that I’m totally addicted to.


Selena Blake writes erotic paranormal and contemporary romance. First published in 2008, her series Stormy Weather has been on the best seller lists and nominated for awards. She’s a fan of action movies, Diet Coke, Milky Way bars and thunderstorms, not necessarily in that order. Learn more about her online at or catch her at facebook or on Twitter.