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Toys of the trade

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You know how much kinky materials you need to make BDSM happen? How much leather? Absolutely none. As long as there are two (or more) adults on the same page of the same book and everyone explicitly consents to the fun and games, imagination is really all you need.

Having said that, using the right props do help for both Dominant and submissive to get into the right state of mind. Putting a collar around a submissive’s neck is a great way to mark the start of a scene. Bare hands are fine instruments to discipline a naughty sub, but whip, paddle, flogger or cane each leave their unique impression on a naked skin. A simple order in principle should be enough to keep a well-trained sub from moving around, but cuffs and chains are the tangible reminders of a certain reality.

That is why at the start of The Right Direction, second part of my romantic m/m BDSM series Calling the Shots, Isaac, the Dom, goes online to order a whole range of BDSM toys. He’s new to the matter, and he’s as nervous as he’s excited, but to him ordering S&M paraphernalia are a clear indication of a choice he and Tom, his lover, his sub, have made. There is a fine line between rough vanilla sex and even the most tender BDSM, and Isaac instinctively knows this. By giving Tom a collar, he recognises the explicit ritualistic element in their activities.

Most of all, it’s about sex, pleasure and fun. And believe me, loving and committed couple Isaac and Tom have plenty of that.


A small excerpt from The Right Direction:

Isaac sighed as he scrolled through the webpage filled with BDSM toys, although he wasn’t sure if ‘toys’ was an adequate description for the rich assortment of floggers, paddles, whips and canes. And what should he think about the nipple clamps and cock cages? He had read that certain objects had a bark worse than their bite, but also that with others he could potentially hurt his sub, in a way that should never happen in any loving and healthy relationship. That was still all theory, because he had not yet wielded a paddle and waited for Tom’s reaction. He knew the effect his bare hand could have, and he loved that effect almost more than he was willing to admit, even now. For the first time, he was planning a play session in which he would introduce his submissive, and thus himself, to BDSM paraphernalia beyond their trusted handcuffs.

He had stopped fooling himself about the nature of his feelings not much more than a month ago. He wanted to be the Dominant to Tom’s submissive. Truth be told, much of the vanilla sex they’d had over the course of their two-year relationship had already been on the rough side. Now both he and his lover called it by its true name, and were ready to explore the more extreme boundaries of their love.

Isaac put several items into the virtual shopping basket and clicked on the ‘continue shopping’ button to see if there was anything else that might trigger his interest. He really liked a few of the collars on offer. He had already bought a simple leather collar as a first gift, but that one wouldn’t be sufficient in the long run. There would come a time when he wanted to claim Tom symbolically as his own, to state his ownership as a Dominant and Master. They’d both have to earn that moment. They had to recognise it for what it was instead of what they wished it could be. Isaac knew they still had much to learn, even though Tom, in his youthful enthusiasm, might think he had already reached the next step.

If you’re interested in reading Calling the Shots, I strongly recommend to start with Facing the Truth and then read The Right Direction, because of the continuity of the story.

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The Right Direction is available at http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?strParents=&CAT_ID=&P_ID=1779
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