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Welcome the brilliantly named Paige Turner to the blog today. She’s brought some bad boys with her!

Thanks, Victoria, for allowing me to guest on your blog. I’m enormously excited about the release of Temporary Trouble, part of Total-E-Bound’s Tempting Temps collection.


The heroes in Temporary Trouble are very naughty boys indeed – and rest assured they get exactly what they deserve! But there’s just something so delicious about a bad boy, isn’t there? Whether it’s a mischievous prankster like Ben and Aaron, an emotionally distant, tortured soul like Fitzwilliam Darcy, or a brooding anti-hero along the lines of Mr Rochester. Angst-ridden vampires, swashbuckling pirates, rouges and rakehells – we like our heroes tall, dark and dangerous.

So what is it about bad boys that makes them so appealing?

Part of the reason, of course, is that a good romance needs conflict and oodles of it. There’s nothing particularly page-turning about an average young couple meeting at the coffee shop, going on a few pleasant dates, then settling down to live a happy but incident-free life, occasionally having a minor row because one of them forgot to pick up more milk.

But a werewolf and a vampire trying to come to terms with their desire for one another? A jaded Earl duelling for his lover’s honour? A broken-hearted cowboy, hurt once and determined to keep love at arm’s length? Yes please!

But I think the more important factor is that these heroes are only superficially bad. That jaded Earl just needs something important enough to fight for, and then we see his true colours as a man of high principle, loyalty and selflessness. The cowboy is distant because he’s been hurt before – with a little compassion and understanding, he blossoms into a tender and generous lover.

And, in Temporary Trouble, all live-for-the-moment pranksters Ben and Aaron need is the right woman to show them there’s a time and place for fun and games, and that’s in the bedroom, not in the boardroom.


Who are your favourite heroes? Do you go for wounded cowboys, or world-weary aristocrats? Wicked pirates? Deliciously dark vampires? Or maybe bad boys don’t appeal to you at all – let me know in the comments!

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Blurb: When jokes in work time turn into serious playtime.

For Ben and Aaron, bored of the same old temping assignments, playing practical jokes makes the job a bit less boring and keeps them out of more serious trouble. That is, until their female boss catches Ben on the photocopier with his trousers down, and sees the sexual tension the boys haven’t quite admitted to themselves.

A good boss has to discipline her staff, and Ben has been a very naughty boy indeed. And what better job for her other temporary office boy, Aaron, than to help her administer the punishment Ben deserves?

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