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What Would You Do if You Were Magic?

By Naomi Bellina

What would be the first thing you would do, if you found out you had magical powers? Oh sure, you’d have to do the fun stuff, like flying through the clouds, diving to the bottom of the ocean, racing cheetahs in Africa. Then maybe you would sneak onstage to perform with your favorite musical group, or join that hunkolicious actor on his show. After that, how about coming up with a recipe for a delicious cheesecake that has no fat or calories? Yeah, that would be fun.

Now that you’ve satisfied your immediate desires, what next? It would be wonderful to help others, especially your loved ones, so off you race to heal the world. But, we have to be more realistic. Your magic can’t do everything you want, and you can’t perform miracles. Bummer. Your powers are limited, and you have to work within their parameters. The first step, then, would be to find out exactly what you could do. Let’s say you have several different powers to choose from. Which would you pick? You want to do good in the world, so what magic would be best for that?

Oh dear. Such choices. If you could make yourself invisible, you would learn secrets and possibly stop crime. If you were strong and could fly, you could rescue accident victims and bring them quickly to safety. If you could see the future, maybe you could prevent accidents altogether. How about the ability to harness the wind and rain, to put out fires? The possibilities are endless.

When we were young, we used to dream of having super power, like our heroes. We jumped from high places, certain we could soar, and squinted hard, waiting for x-ray vision to kick in. Now that we know better (right!), some of us still dream, but our dreams are different.

I believe there is magic in the world. What some call ‘miracles’, I perceive as a power beyond what we know, available for us, right here and now. We just have to learn to tap into it.

In my latest book, Out of the Ordinary. My heroine, Star Lite, discovers she has magic powers, and gets to use them in a most interesting way. In book two of the series, she goes even further, finding out more about magic, and deciding how she wants to apply it in her life, while learning to trust herself.

Thank you Victoria and wonderful readers for allowing me to share my thoughts and my books with you. Come visit my website, and join me on Facebook and Twitter. Happy reading to you!

You never will be the person you can be if pressure, tension and discipline are taken out of your life.
~ James G. Bilkey


Blurb for Out of the Ordinary:

After a devastating fiasco on her wedding day, still-single Star Lite longs for peace and quiet to nurse her broken heart. Instead of the uneventful summer vacation she has planned, she’s transported to a strange planet with even stranger inhabitants, and an irritating but sexy man named Adam who claims he’s a magician. Star senses danger in this place, and her suspicions are confirmed, as the two humans witness a bizarre display of power from a mad king. They form an uneasy bond and work past their differences as they look for a way to escape, and attempt to reason with two sensuous pixies, who are trying to protect their ruler. When the king makes a foolish decision, danger threatens the entire planet. Not one to give up without a fight, Star reluctantly agrees to a sexual experiment, where she discovers her untapped power of magic, and opens her heart to the possibility of love.

Short excerpt from Out of the Ordinary:

Esme began to rub Star’s neck, and Star sighed. Esme’s strong hands felt good on Star’s tight muscles. Slipping away to la-la land, Star remembered she had a mission and pulled her mind back to the present.

“So, tell me about this party. Is everybody I saw at the dinner table a guest? Where do they come from?”

“Yes, they’re all guests from our home planet, Kastra. King Gaius likes to have company at his parties so he invites—” Esme suddenly stopped. “I’m not supposed to talk to you. I’m sorry. Here, I forgot to turn on the music. You just listen and relax. I’m going to apply a clay facial mask. We’ll let it set while I work on your legs and feet. It will help smooth out those blotches in your complexion.”

Esme flipped a switch and a melodic, pleasing tune began to play.

Do I have a blotchy complexion? Esme needs to talk to those diplomatic relations people. Star knew she would get nothing more from the young pixie, so she let herself drift off and enjoy the experience.

Her mind wandered to picture Adam standing naked near the hot tub. She didn’t want to think about that particular scene, she needed to focus on a way to get out of there. But her brain had ideas of its own, and naked Adam would not disappear. It hardly seemed worth the effort to try to think of something else, and he really did look quite divine, so she let her imagination roam.

In her fantasy, she rose from the tub to greet him. She had the body of an Olympic athlete, and hair from a shampoo commercial. Her skin was certainly not blotchy and her teeth were white as pearls. There were no annoying pixies around for miles.

They hugged, a firm, loving embrace. Both of their bodies were warm. Adam’s hands travelled down her back and caressed her butt, squeezing her firm cheeks. She explored his body, touching every inch of delicious skin she could reach. His cock grew hard and pressed into her stomach and moisture formed between her legs. She stood on her toes and rubbed her pussy against his cock, eliciting a deep moan from him.

Their lips met and Star and Adam kissed, not one of those tender, sweet butterfly kisses that drove her crazy with wanting more. This was a hungry, passionate invasion, both of them tasting each other’s mouth, him biting her lower lip to just this side of pain. The kind of kiss that set her mouth on fire and almost left bruises, the kind Star loved.

His hand stroked her breast, cupping and squeezing the firm flesh, and just as he lowered his head to suck her aching nipple, Star felt something cold and wet on her cheek. Is that Adam’s tongue? She jumped.

“Sorry to startle you. The clay is a little cool at first, but it will warm up,” Esme said.

With a sigh, Star’s allowed her mind to drift back to reality. Damn, it had been a good long time since she’d had a daydream like that. Her pussy was wet and wanting, and raw desire throbbed through her body. Even though she was scared, something about this place had awakened her senses. She actually felt more alive and vibrant than she had in a long time. As annoying as Adam was, a deep desire for him coursed through her. His teasing manner in the hot tub had been for her benefit, she was sure, to help her relax and his words had been sincere—he really did think she had a nice body.

She would have smiled with pleasure had her face not been solidified by the clay mask. This sensation was a welcome change of pace from the emptiness that had greeted her each day for the past year, and Adam was certainly a delightful break from the men she knew. He was strong and seemed smart, without being a bore. His sense of humour, well, anyone who could keep his wits about him under these circumstances was extraordinary. She found she looked forward to their next encounter, clothed or not.

Naomi Bellina
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Naomi lives in beautiful sunny Florida with the love of her life and a magical black cat. She writes for various fiction and non-fiction markets, but finds she is drawn to romance because her characters insist on canoodling, and sometimes even falling madly in love. So she lets them. Occasionally, however, they go to dark and strange places. She lets them do this also. Most of her stories will surprise readers with unexpected twists and turns, because isn’t that what makes life exciting?

Her interests include dancing, hula-hooping, drumming, and creating healthy meals. She takes the opportunity to play, have fun, and indulge in the pursuit of passion whenever possible. She hopes you enjoy her stories and would love to hear from you.

Her motto: Never pass up the opportunity to have an adventure!