Morticia Knight asks Does Love Transcend Death?

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Does love Transcend Death by Morticia Knight

Does Love Transcend Death?

Whoa. Heavy topic. But not really if you believe in a hereafter. I think what I find so fascinating about the subject of ghosts and spirits, is where do they fit in the larger scheme of things? Depending on your belief system – and I do believe in a higher power – one might wonder if ghosts are counter-intuitive to the idea of heaven and hell. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. After all, can anyone alive today actually say ‘I know exactly what happens after we die’? I mean know – not believe, or accept on faith?

First off, I want to say that I also believe that we’re not supposed to have all of the answers here on earth – so that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Let’s face it – if we were so brilliant, we would know everything and things like war, disease, poverty and all the things we battle daily would be nothing for us to solve. We’d have it taken care of in an instant. Yay us! Oops. I guess we need some work on that still. But the questions remain, and we wonder what is really going on with this whole eternity thing. When we fall in love with someone – or a couple of someones – here on earth, and we think of them as our other half, or soul mate, or whatever we choose to call it, would that connection survive death?

Since I do believe in an afterlife of one type or another, from my point of view I think it would. That’s more real to me now than it was when I was younger, interestingly enough. When I was a teenager, I had a lot of that romantic angst, and belief in one true love that lasts forever and ever, and then, well, I got my first divorce. Hmmm. That didn’t pan out how I’d planned! So for several years I was locked into that attitude that the whole true love thing was highly questionable, and that I may not find someone who I could form that eternal bond with.

Luckily – and I had to go through a lot of frogs (and toads and lizards and snakes) – I finally met my husband. I had put myself on a forced sabbatical where I refused to go out with anyone and I (gasp!) went without sex for a few years. Or should I say, sex with another person (*wink*). So when I did meet my husband in a casual setting through work, I knew he was what I wanted. As it turned out, I was what he wanted too, and I had the good fortune of being chased around by a younger man. He doesn’t have to chase anymore, and he is my longest relationship with anyone in my life, with no signs of slowing. As we’ve bonded over the years, the idea that we would reach out to one another after death is more than real to me – it just seems to make sense. The connection I have with him is so strong, I don’t see how it could just suddenly be severed and never exist again after death.

My newest release from Total-E-Bound is an MMF ménage that centers around the relationship of three paranormal investigators who have a bit of a checkered past with one another. As they say – it’s complicated. The irony is that the three of them are perfect for one another in so many ways – if only they could get beyond all of those nasty feelings of guilt and betrayal. Then the empath of their group, Sophie, discovers that the spirit they are investigating is looking for someone, and he thinks its Sophie. Is he just a kinky ghost, or is he looking for his true love?


Two men and one ex-girlfriend. Can a lovelorn and kinky ghost help these three paranormal investigators find true love with each other?
She was becoming moist, so she switched on the Rabbit. She continued to picture how he would thrust his tongue in her pussy, squeeze and knead her ass cheeks, sometimes licking her back hole too. She had just inserted the vibrator when Emilio’s face popped into her fantasy. Did Martin do that to him too? Lick his asshole? Did he put his dick there and fuck him with the force that he used to fuck her? Did he like sucking on Emilio’s cock?

She shut off the vibrator. The scenes were hot, stimulating, but she was no longer part of them. This was ridiculous. She would never have an orgasm again because, even in her fantasies, Martin and Emilio left her out.

Wait a minute. This is my fantasy and I can do whatever the hell I want. And I want to be included!

She switched the Rabbit back on. She let Martin continue to suck on Emilio’s cock, but this time she joined in. In her fantasy, they both knelt before the sultry Emilio and worshiped his prick, sharing it between them, their fingers on each other’s genitals at the same time. Emilio’s cock went in one, then the other’s mouth, or even sometimes they had their mouths on either side at the same time. Martin rubbed his fingers through her drenched folds while she grasped Martin’s dick and stroked it up and down.

She let her mind go free, and now she was sucking a walnut-sized nut sac into her mouth while Martin deep-throated Emilio. Emilio was pumping his cock into Martin’s mouth faster and faster, sometimes making him gag, and Martin was rubbing and flicking her clit with amazing agility and speed. She grasped the base of Martin’s cock just as Emilio squirted his release into Martin’s mouth, and Sophie yelled out her own orgasm loudly.

She pulled the vibrating toy from her pussy and shut it off. It had done the job, to a degree. Now that she’d released all of that pent-up frustrated energy, she was disgusted with herself. Throwing the newly purchased sex aid across the room, she couldn’t believe that she was coming to a fantasy of not only the guy who had cheated on her, but his current male lover as well. They were haunting her like one of the spirits she channelled for her clients. Only these guys weren’t ghosts, they were very real. And very hard to exorcise.

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