Lucy Felthouse Takes Over!



Hi everyone! Today is a very special day, as my good buddy Victoria and I are swapping blogs for the day. So I’ve got free rein over *runs around the place like a crazy person, jumping on the beds and raiding the cupboards*.

Seriously, though, I’m here to dish some dirt on the joint anthology Victoria and I just released, called Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills. It’s exactly as decadent and divine as it sounds, as it contains four hot stories of rubenesque—or curvy, dependent on which term you prefer—ladies.


They may have a common theme, but the stories couldn’t be more different. I’ll tell you all about mine, then if you hop over to my website and check out Victoria’s post, no doubt she’s baring all about hers, too.

Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills

This story idea crept up on me when I received a special offer email from one of the newsletters I subscribe to, advertising a beautiful corset. I didn’t click through, and I didn’t buy anything (sorry, sex toy website!), but there was obviously something about that particular corset that had lodged in my subconscious and sneaked back out again when it was time for me to write something new. And that was how my kinky story, which shares its name with the title of the anthology, came about.

Here’s the blurb:

When Lorella’s boyfriend Chris suggests that she’d look sexy in a corset, she finds the mere thought hilarious. A big girl like her would look ridiculous in such a thing! But as she’s always up for trying something new, she hits the online shops. When her new corset arrives, Lorella can’t wait to try it on and see how she looks, ready to surprise Chris when he gets home. But when she does, she gets a thrilling surprise of her own.

Miri on the Wall

It may be true that the artist/model thing is often used in erotica, but once this story idea made itself known in my brain, I decided to go ahead anyway! I had great fun with this couple—they like each other but haven’t got a clue what to do about it, and a commission means that Miri ends up posing nude, and it may just be the act that forces them to admit their feelings. The title also came to me very early on in the thought process, and I love it.

Here’s the blurb:

Callum’s a prolific artist, with many beautiful models on his books. But there’s only one that stands out for him – Miri. He’s never had the courage to do anything about his feelings, though. When a client commissions a nude painting of a rubenesque woman, Callum has a dilemma. Miri is the only suitable model – but will she agree to the project? And how will Callum cope with the object of his love and lust being completely naked in front of him?

Thanks to Victoria for the blog swap today, and thanks to those of you that have stopped by and checked out my post. Don’t forget to head to my place and read Victoria’s post. And, of course, we’d love it if you bought the book, too ;) We love feedback, so if you enjoy it, please leave a review for us on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you buy the book. It’s hugely appreciated!

Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills is available from Amazon UK, Amazon US, All Romance eBooks and, and is coming soon to all other good eBook retailers.