Lucky Seven.

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Justine Elyot! and the lovely Sommer Marsden Annnnnnnnnd Lily Harlem so I just have to join in!

Here’s how it works: Go to page 7 or 77 of your latest work. Read down to the seventh line and then post online the next seven lines or sentences. Then head off and tag seven more writers.


So, I am sharing this from page 77 of my upcoming Novel Fulfill Me which is due to be released by House of Erotica. I’ll let you know when I have a release date!

Here’s the blurb:

Caitlyn is out to get what she wants and she desperately wants Nick Casey, Star of Dobsons Digs the biggest soap on TV. She will do anything to get into his life but one thing, one person always stops her. His annoying yet handsome PA Mike.

But there is more to Nick and to Mike than she could ever have first imagined. She ends up on a journey from one side of BDSM to the complete opposite and all the time she’s just looking for the man who can make her whole.

Here’s the excerpt:

I cannot carry on with this, not even for a big star like Nick.

I put my bag on the sofa, and bring out little, metallic clamps, joined by a simple chain. They look like a garland across his chest once the clamps bite into his nipples. Next is the cock ring, I have to squeeze it round him, digging my nails in his balls a bit to bring down his rampant erection, but now he’s trussed up inside he’s looking good. To finish it off, I place a leather blindfold over his eyes, making sure the elastic is secured behind his ears.

“Something’s missing!” I exclaim, then rummage around in my bag of tricks.

And now I’m going to tag Lexie Bay,Sue Swift , Jacqui Brocker, Emmy Ellis, Cassandra Dean, Wendi Zwaduk and Lavinia Lewis to take on this challenge if they choose to accept it!