Lily Sawyer’s Pool Party!

Today Lily Sawyer is here with her Bigger Briefs, oooh er! Let’s find out more!


Pool Party

Harry Previn is one lucky guy, it’s not everyone who can say they love their job and look forward to work every day. But then not everyone has a job like maintaining the pools of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills California. Some of the perks that came with the job was seeing how the other half lives, today was no exception. He was working on the pool of an A-list handsome beyond belief actor and his equally gorgeous partner, when he goes back for a piece of equipment he’d forgotten, Harry gets to watch a pool party he’d never forget.

Excerpt: He’d only been gone for twenty minutes. Harry pulled up in front of the main gate and used his key pass to enter the grounds. As a bonded and insured pool worker, he had access to his client’s property, especially when they weren’t home. He was hoping to quickly retrieve his equipment and make a hasty retreat. He tried to keep a low profile by sneaking behind some bushes that surrounded the pool area; he knew he should let the couple know he’d returned. Sound of splashing. Harry though that the lovers hadn’t wasted any time using their newly cleaned pool. He parted the bushes to take a peek.

“Yeah, baby, you’re so beautiful.”

Jonathan was swimming from one end of the pool towards Leif. The tall blond wore tight-fitting green swim trunks.

“Come on, Leif, join me, the water’s fine.” Jonathan laughed.

“You naughty boy, are you trying to seduce me?”

“And what if I am?” Jonathan slowly walked up the concrete steps. Harry’s mouth dropped open as he watched the hunk’s body revealed. Jonathan was totally naked; he had one of those heart-shaped butts you could bounce a quarter off.

“Oh, gawd,” Harry exclaimed. Jonathan’s body wasn’t the only tight thing. Harry’s cock was about to break out of his pants.

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Bio: Lily Sawyer has to credit her late mother for her interest in reading and writing. She used to take her to library and opened up to her the world of books.

She took a writing class in an adult enrichment program and got hooked. She started off writing stories set in various fandoms she was interested in like Star Trek and Brokeback Mountain. After getting some encouragement from family members and friends, she finally decided it was time to write her own original stories.

Lily recently returned to drawing and was in an art class. Also loves to garden and loves everything about nature. Including going to the beach and looking up at the stars.