Justine Elyot On Demand

Sounds good eh? Welcome the lovely Justine to my blog today, I always love having her to visit!

Luxe Noir

On Demand Justine Elyot

Hi, Victoria – great to be here again. And it’s appropriate that I should be in a home away from home (in the form of your blog) because my post is all about hotels.

In fact, it’s about one hotel in particular – the hotel in On Demand, my newly re-released book from Black Lace. There’s something about a hotel, isn’t there? In the words of Sophie, my narrator:

“I have always been drawn to hotels. Call me commitment-phobic, but I love their eternal temporariness, their anonymity, their fluidity and flux. They seduce you without expecting your heart and soul; your home expects time and attention, but your hotel only wants your money, and only for as long as you care to give it. You can walk up the steps as plain Jane Smith and enter the lobby as Lady Furcoat-Noknickers; the hotel does not care what you do, or with whom.”

When my editor asked me for a book of short stories, I wanted to link them up and centre them on a common theme with some recurring characters. A hotel was the perfect setting – you could have a core group of people popping up here and there and guests coming in and out to ginger things up when necessary. And what doesn’t go on in hotels? I’d be willing to bet that my wild Sophie and her lascivious friends are positively tame compared with some. Well, tame-ish…

Not many corners of the Luxe Noir get away without being used for furtive activity of one sort or another. The gym, the jacuzzi, the restaurant, the car park…and that’s before anybody makes it to the bedroom.

If bad behaviour in luxurious settings sounds like your kind of thing, here’s the blurb:

I have always been drawn to hotels. I love their anonymity. The hotel does not care what you do, or with whom. The Hotel Luxe Noir is a haven for hedonistic liaisons. From brief encounters in the bar to ménages in the elevator, young Sophie Martin has seen it all since she started on reception.But as she witnesses the dark erotic secrets of the staff and guests can she also master her own desires.? Welcome to the Hotel Luxe Noir – discretion assured, satisfaction guaranteed.

It’s available at all the usual online retailers – and Tesco! But here’s the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/On-Demand-Justine-Elyot/dp/075354136X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1352838518&sr=8-2

Thank you for reading!