Behind the scenes: Dear K by H.C. Brown & KevaD

Welcome the dynamic duo H.C. Brown and KevaD to the blog today!

I ‘met’ David Kentner AKA KevaD on an author’s group some years ago. I really enjoyed reading his story “Out of the Closet” so I approached him regarding a joint venture. Dear K is our fourth book together.

I wanted to write a story about a sex therapist and her clients sex fantasies. David suggested an interactive web site owned by a mysterious figure, he named “K”. So, Dear K became three stories of wild sex fantasies. The first, Hot 21 is about a coy librarian who joins the interactive web site and plays the BDSM game. She wants to go to the next step and K sets her up with a handsome Dom.

The second story, Hollow Halo is about a woman neglected by a cheating husband who finds love with an old flame. The third, The Rise of X is about the mystery man K. It is a dark story like the owner of Dear K. A man fighting his own demons but a man hell bent on making things right in the world. The stories are red hot sexy and if you like a little exhibitionism and BDSM, you’ll love Dear K.

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Blurb: Three stories in one. DEAR K: We make fantasies reality. Lynda joins the Dear K web site for a little private pleasure and Internet experimentation in BDSM. But the shy woman’s game play draws the interest of the Dom, Shayd. One night Lynda’s phone rings, and the delicious voice on the other end commands her desires into a world she never imagined could leave her breathlessly asking for more.

Danielle’s perfect suburban life with the perfect husband and perfect home is a fraud. Her husband is a lying, cheating asshole who has destroyed their marriage, leaving her longing for a memory that never was – the school crush that never happened. Now, K has located the memory turned fantasy and is about to drop him in the middle of Danielle’s wildest dreams.

Brianne’s married lover leaves her beaten and barely alive. Then a stranger kidnaps her to the life he lives behind the letter K. K isn’t “normal,” or at least what Brianne thought the word meant. Still, the dangerous and way too handsome K promises her revenge on the man who stole her ability to trust. And all she has to do is handcuff herself to a chain suspended from the ceiling. Yeah. Right…

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