Guest Post: My Love Affair with Sex Toys @ElizabethABlack

Please Welcome Elizabeth Black to my blog today, she’s talking about sex toys, gotta love’em.

I can’t remember exactly when I started reviewing sex toys. I do recall many people were very jealous of me since I to this day get $200 vibrators for free in exchange for a review. Sex toys play an important part in my new erotic romance novel No Restraint. The book starts out with my main character Alex Craig squirming in a waiting room as she very impatiently waits for a job interview with a company called Babes. One reason she’s squirming is that she is wearing a butterfly vibrator. A butterfly is a classic clit vibe you strap around your waist. It’s hands-free. You can get off without using your hands. The jelly rubber sex toy is shaped like a butterfly and it rests on your labia and clit. Turn it on and let the vibrations drive you mad! It’s only fitting she should wear this toy to this particular job interview since the company specializes in expensive, high-end silicone love dolls, hence the company name Babes. It also has a reputation for excess and decadence. Remember the extravagance of the Dot Coms in the 1990s? Long, decadent lunches, parties on site, never ending flowing alcoholic drinks, extravagant business trips that were more pleasure than business, sexual tension, ping pong tables and DVD/VCR players showing the latest hits, piped in trance and techno? Babes operates along those lines. It’s the dream job. Alex feels she’d be a perfect fit since she has an appreciation for the Good Life. However, she needs more introduction into the finer things in life, and when she gets the job, Babes V. P. Jackson Beale gives it to her in spades.

I own several strap-on clit stimulators and they are a blast to use. My favorite just happens to be a butterfly and it works wonders on me while I’m writing sex scenes in my erotic stories. Believe me, they provide great inspiration! The batteries last forever, too. I have a few that are rechargeable instead of using batteries. One even has a remote control so you may use it with a partner. Such fun!

My favorite sex toys are those made by Lelo and JimmyJane. Both are expensive but worth it. They are made of more expensive materials like medical grade silicone. I use my JimmyJane Form 2 clit vibe almost every night. It’s rechargeable and sits next to my bed with my Lelo Soraya, which is a traditional vibrator that doesn’t look like a foot long purple dick. It’s streamlined, black with chrome highlights, and classy looking. Form 2 is pink and fits in the palm of my hand. I had no idea sex toys were so varied and so elegant. Like many people unaccustomed to sex toys, I thought all of them were big, 2 foot long purple glitter rubber double-ended penises you can whip around your head like a helicopter. Not that I’ve ever done that.

Enjoy Alex and Jackson as they explore the carnal pleasures with sex toys and even a sex doll. And don’t forget the gorgeous lingerie he gives her. The feel of smooth silk on your skin is like cool water flowing over rocks. And they can’t get enough of it.

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Alex Craig accepts a new job at a high-end sex doll company called Babes. Babes’ dolls are high-end, expensive silicone love toys. Working at Babes is like working for a bacchanal. The company’s culture is all about decadence, enjoying the good life, exciting sex, and enticing food and drink. Alex meets Jackson Beale, one of the company’s vice-presidents. Jackson takes Alex on a new and exciting journey of carnal pleasure. He introduces her to new tactile and kinky pleasures, and she relishes her excitement. The world takes on an entirely new meaning and importance to Alex as she learns what she’s been missing in her life.


(Intro – Alex Craig is applying for a job at Babes, a company that makes expensive, high-end sex dolls. She lusts after Jackson Beale, one of the VPs she just met during her interview. She is a dead ringer for the latest, state-of-the-art doll, which is both exciting and unsettling. As she inspects the doll to determine how to improve it, she purposefully reveals a bit too much about herself.)

‘How is she to fuck?’ Alex’s throat felt dry as she asked the question. She looked at Jackson. She wanted to hear his answer more than anyone else’s. Did she arouse him, in the flesh and in the form of a doll? ‘I throb when I come. You could add a removable vibrating bullet to the vagina. Also, maybe make it a removable pocket pussy so she’s easy to clean and he can take the pussy traveling with him.’ She walked to the doll and slipped in two fingers. ‘Good, she’s very tight. I’ve used Ben Wa balls to strengthen my pelvic floor. My lovers liked that very much.’ ‘Lovers?’ Jackson straightened up in his chair. Good. I have his attention. ‘How many lovers do you have?’ ‘I had four, but I broke off the relationships. They were very clingy. I don’t like to be tied down.’ I can’t believe I just said that … ‘You don’t?’ It was no wonder Jackson curled up one lip at her. His eyes danced and gleamed in the fluorescent lights. My God, he is easy on the eyes. I wonder what he must think of me with the way he’s teasing me and twisting my words. ‘Not in that way. I’ve never been tied down to a bed, if that’s what you mean. I might like it.’ Feeling warm, she returned to her seat. Badly wanting to remove her jacket but resisting the urge, she wondered if such sexually charged discussions were commonplace at Babes. She wasn’t sure how she felt about it, but the erotic talk shouldn’t have been a surprise since this was a sex dolls company, after all.


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Elizabeth Black lives a dream life in a small home on the Massachusetts coast. She tries to go to the beach every day. When in the Zone, she writes erotic fiction, romance, dark fiction, and horror. She aims for la Dolce Vita and lives every day as if it were a feast. She shared her life with her husband, son, and three cats. She is published by Xcite Books, Cleis Press, Circlet Press, Bold Strokes Books, and other publishers. You may find her on the web in the following locations:


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