Genesis of a Dominant Man – Life and Times of A Dominant Man

Well, I’m back after a break due to circumstances beyond my control. I’m here and have written some information in this blog post to answer a question I was asked recently.

Why aren’t your diary entries ordered chronologically?

To answer that you must first understand I am writing from my personal life or rather the history of my dominant side. So first of all the aim of each blog post is to outline certain areas of my time as a dominus. First, we had a retrospective where I introduced and outlined how I knew I was a dom. Second, we had the usage of rules and explanation of the workings of my mind. Thirdly, we had a rather obscure show of what at that stage my reaction to betrayal as a dom was. Fourth, we’ve had myself as a dominus showing that love and also a relationship are more than welcome in an arrangement.

Another reason I leapfrog back and fourth through time spans and discuss my times with different subs are that this also keeps in with the anonymity afforded in my arrangements. To keep the identities of those who have had these arrangements it is necessary to make sure that I keep disclosing information in a single time span to a minimum. There are a few people I know who are connected to previous subs and read this blog. They would easily guess the truth if I wrote chronologically and no doubt that would be rather upsetting for those who would like to keep the arrangement to strictly a private and past series of events.

I know Victoria and a few others have suggested I write up my diary entries in a book and perhaps someday I will but at this moment I am enjoying these posts and I hope you are too.

My question today is what area of the dominant lifestyle would you like me to show you next?

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