Genesis of a Dominant Man – Little Bit Of Erotic Fun #menage #erotica #MFF



When I get a little bored I write short erotic stories or poetry and today I wrote something wickedly naughty enjoy.

What a nice place to meet him. She thought entering the hotel lobby, she fired a quick message to him and took a seat to wait.

She didn’t have to wait long as soon enough he appeared. Smiling he gave her a big hug and led her to the little restaurant in the hotel. They sat and reminiscenced for a long time.

“Would you like to join me for coffee in my hotel suite?” He asked.

Why not . She thought and nodded, her blonde hair bouncing gently around her shoulders. He led her to the elevator and pushed the button for his floor. The decorum was gone now as both gave into what they’d been discussing by message and kissed passionately their hands exploring each other. The doors opened and this dark man led her to his room. Opening the door quickly he pulled her in kissing her with fire and passion. They were kissing and stripping each other, first the clothes and then the underwear soon both of them stood just taking in each other’s naked form.


He pushed her onto the bed and climbed on top to kiss her.  His hands were not idle, lifting himself away from the embrace she came to realise she’d been chained to an underbed restraint. This devil of a man slid down her body kissing all the way and repeated the action with her legs locking her in place. Removing a length of dark material he blindfolded her covering her startling blue eyes, his fingers running over her nude form the sensations heightened by the deprivation of seeing it. Kissing down her body he licked and sucked each of her nipples his hands groping them. He continued to kiss down her stomach his breath driving her wild. He soon reached her pussy and sliding his body between her legs he began his sweet caress of her clit with his tongue. His tongue had a mind of its own dancing over her clit. She thrust her hips moving to push the tip of his dexterous tongue where she wanted it.

Pulling away he stood back and surveyed the bed. she couldn’t see a thing.

After what seemed like an age to her the bed shifted as the body returned and a tongue licked her pussy lips again this time two fingers slid deep inside her tight hole. Oh how she wanted to kiss this man whose movements gave such pleasure. Her throws of pleasure were abruptly interrupted by the removal of the blindfold, why was he stood next to her, surveying the sight before him, cock in hand? Looking down she saw the most beautiful brunette woman she’d ever laid eyes on.

“I remembered you saying you were partial to a menage a trois so I made a call.” He explained.

Moving his cock close to her mouth she thanked him by licking and sucking it which gave him no end of pleasure. Undoing the restraints he released her and both girls embraced, kissing and groping each other. Feeling brave she pushed the brunette to lay back on the bed and kissed down her body to return the favour, lapping up the sweet taste of her wet pussy. He moved to where she had moved and slid his cock deep inside the blonde’s very wet pussy. The shock of which made her gasp as this Adonis started his hard and fast rhythm fucking her as she devoured this gorgeous brunette’s pussy.

The position shifted so she sat atop this beautiful woman’s face the girls tongue doing miracles to her already well satisfied body. He pushed himself deep inside the brunette her noises of pleasure muffled between the other woman’s legs. They kissed as the tempo increased the looks of pure desire between him and the blonde spurring them on. She was hit by a particularly big orgasm, the wave hitting her sent her head spinning. He couldn’t take much more so he pulled her down to the floor to kneel next the brunette’s side. “Ahh, here it comes,” he yelled. Pulling out he turned and she  finished him off in her mouth swallowing every drop before turning to and kissing the guest he’d invited.

Lifting them both up he lead them to the shower more fun was required before this night’s end.