Genesis of a Dominant Man – Working Hard or Just Working



Well we are here again my fortnightly post, so V what have you chosen for your piece this time? Well I know people love my diary entries so I’ll have that in but I’ll fire in my opinion piece at the end.

I’d had a harsh day at work and the bus home was cramped and slightly agitating. Walking into the house I head straight for my room to avoid my parents. Entering the room I turn and look to see my sub 5 laid on my bed smirking, she rises and takes my bag off me. As she stands I see she’s wearing a tight fitting black corset which adds an extra curve to her already curvy body, but of course the corset is for my benefit she knows it’s an aphrodisiac for me.

“I knew you had a hard day at work so though I’d treat my Sir.” Sub explains.

“Well that’s very kind of you sub. So what does my sub have in mind?”




Leading me to the bathroom she strips me of my work clothes kissing me as she goes. Stepping in the shower I start to wash off the grime of the day. Suddenly a pair of hands start to rub my back and massage down to my lower back then round to the front of my body. The new stimulus causing my cock to react very positively, sub’s hands finding this and caressing it. Turning I take in sub’s naked, curvy body her gorgeous. cheeky smile telling me that I’m in for some fun.
Dropping down to her knees she takes me full in her mouth which catches me off guard/ I gasp and let out a slow moan as her hands work my shaft whilst she gives me amazing head.

Ecstasy is all I’m feeling. She lifts her head and grabs both her breasts, beginning to give me the most amazing (excuse the term) tit wank with them. I’m in heaven, crap day at work forgotten, awful commute a distant thought.

Now a master doesn’t just take. I had a friend who’s a sub recently tell me of a nightmare situation where her Dom would just punish and take. No, the sub/Dom relationship is one of mutual care and sharing, there’s an understanding and punishment is given where it’s due as well as pleasure. So at this point I thought it’s time to repay my sub’s kindness. I lift her to stand and drop to my knees then kiss my way down her body to her soft sweet pussy. Giving her a quick glance I dive straight in licking and caressing her clit, her pleasure apparent as two hands grab my hair and stroke the back of my neck as I keep going. Her moans of pleasure spur me on and keep my tongue deftly gliding, tasting her sweetness. The moans soon change to a loud crescendo as she comes very hard, both my arms are round her waist playfully groping her ample derriere and holding her up.

Standing I kiss up her body and then on her lips, I turn her around and push her up against the cool tiled side of the shower reaching down I slide deep inside her.Fucking hard and fast I grab her hair and pull her head back so I can kiss her beautiful lips as we grind on each other. Our hands grope each other, passion just steals the moment as she slides down into the doggy style, spanking her ass as I lose most of that control I had. The surge begins which just continues to spur me on to fuck harder, I’m deep inside her when I come and my moan of pleasure echoes around the bathroom.

Leaning forward to kiss her on the neck we both stand up and start to wash and clean each other.

The rest of the evening was spent having copious amounts of amazing sex with kink.

Who thinks fetish needs to just be pain? For me, the main part of fetish is a source of pleasure and enjoyment whatever you are into.