Genesis of a Dominant Man – Webway Musings



A question raised to me recently brought my attention to a rather valid point. How do you find people of a similar mind to yourself?

Of course in this modern age the answer is a simple one, the Internet. But go back nearly 15 years and the kind of alternative lifestyle I advocate and live would have come about decidedly differently. How galling must it have been to discover all these things by either a rare glance at a rude magazine or from some low budget video?
What must it have been like to try and find someone to indulge these new cravings that flourished?


My generation is one that has grown with the Internet, there was a time before it of which I do remember. But these days do we really take the risk that being fetish minded used to possess when everything we could ever want to know is at our fingertips? Part of me sees the fun and thrill of putting yourself out there, quite inviting, but regardless to this I must admit I am a slave to one being and that is technology.

How easy it is now thanks to sites like fetlife and also events are run more openly online such as Club Lash and iron cage. People now exist as professionals and online entities which we follow in this fetish environment to name but a few Zara DuRose, Dani Divine and Ladi Vermin. All beautiful and talented women but I wonder how much of what is now available and known would be possible without this magical gift of the Internet.


So my closing point as many of you who read this are authors, coming from a background of experiencing it first hand myself, I say use this tool and get stuck in find out the ins and outs. Go to events if only to be a voyeur you’ll gain plenty to write about.

Have a kinky week, my spanks and I’ll see you in two week’s time with an entry from my diary.