Genesis of A Dominant Man – The Dominant Point of View



My posts tend to be a snippet of my diary, exploits of my past that nowadays I’m fine about sharing. For a change I thought I may just write about my view on the fetish world as it stands right now, an open point now this is my opinion and shouldn’t be taken as gospel.

The Fifty Shades phenomenon as people have referred to it has revolutionised the fetish industry in no way at all, the fetish industry has always been strong and had a reliable and loyal following. What’s changed? Well people are more open about their kinks and fetishes, the vanilla slice has started to buy more fetish items and experiment. And the shock articles stating we’ve kinked our way out of the recession by buying fetish items and boosting the shares of Ann Summers tenfold. But in regards to the fetish industry it’s changed nothing and in regards to the writers of erotica no doubt it has sullied the image they portray.


For one the image of Christian Grey has ruined what a Dom actually is and as regards the relationship between this ‘Dom’ and his ‘sub’ it’s plain and simple a manipulative and abusive relationship. If the writer had taken time to research the simple Dom/sub arrangement then she may have stumbled upon the fact it’s an arrangement of mutual respect. So when I inform a person (they are lucky if I do) that I am in fact a Dom (always liked the title‘Dominus) and they pronounce “Oh like Fifty Shades of Grey?” I have to restrain myself from the level of bile I want to project that persons way.


The fetish world is a beautiful thing. It has many forms and caters to all types whether you’re into the darker more depraved things or just a gentle spanking every now and again. The events such as Club Lash at the Bangkok bar in Manchester are a great way to explore and also there is fetlife online where people are more than happy to help and events are organised. But it’s all down to you.Is yours a private kink or a public one? Both of these are legitimate and neither is better than the other after all some people are reserved about their sex lives or interests.


The fetish world is large and its population is ever growing so even if it’s just to sate your curiosity dive on in believe me it’s worth it.

What’s your thoughts on the fifty shades phenomena and what comes to mind when you hear the word ‘fetish’?