Genesis of a Dominant Man – The Cuffed Chapter



I grew up in the 90’s as a child, I spent my teenage years in the 00’s, though and during this time an awakening occurred for me. I’ve always been the oldest a lot of the time in school, at home and in my generation. When I hit 18 I started dating a lovely young woman who was the beginning of this amazing journey into becoming a Dominus.

Sex at that age was often a hurried affair as, let’s face it, when you live with your parents it’s kind of difficult to have the house shattering orgasmic sex we all come to love. But this time something new came to the fore in my relationship. Her parents were away and so was her sister. The weekend started with the usual trip to the local for a few pints, nothing spectacular. But the second day started rather with a bang.

Waking I felt the naked form of my girlfriend next to me, she smiled up wishing me good morning. Looking down she wasn’t the only one saluting the start to the day. Hers hand had already moved to massage the growth beneath the sheets. We kissed with passion and vigour of a young relationship. Kissing my neck she began to leave a trail of kisses down my chest heading towards my lower torso. The moment her lips closed around the shaft of my cock everything became a blur of unadulterated pleasure. I pulled her lower body round so I could give as well as receive, my tongue deftly gliding over her clit. I felt her rhythm change and when she came her body arched as the pleasure caressed over her.

Moving to the side of the bed, she Reached into her bedside table and withdrew the metal implement that changed my sexual existence forever.

The handcuffs glinted in the sunlight.

“How about we try something different?” she asked. Smiling a wicked grin I flipped her in one fluid motion onto her back and fumbled with the cuffs locking her hands in place over her head to the top of the bed.

Biting her lip in anticipation my hands groped her body enjoying her, savouring her and taking every inch of her in. I playful turned her onto her side so as to give her a light spank on her gorgeous arse. Kissing her our tongues gliding over each other I guided my hard cock inside her tight pussy.

Picking up the momentum we took full benefit of the empty house to be as loud as we wanted. Her moans of pleasure driving me on, I lifted her legs over my shoulders to get deeper, her moans were replaced by screams as she yelled for me not to stop or slow down. She came and her legs strained against me as her body bucked and her eyes rolled back.

“oh fuck!!”

Using the give the cuffs allowed I spun her onto her front into some form of doggy position. I slid back inside her spanking her derriere occasionally as my rhythm increased and my head began to swim. The climax grew slowly at first but with each movement of her hips and crack of my hand on her bum it increased till I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m going to come” I exclaimed.

“Come in my mouth.”

Spinning her back over I gasped as her lips wrapped around my shaft and my load was emptied down her throat. 

Collapsing, she swallowed the last drop and I took a moment to compose before removing the cuffs and cuddling down with her.

Aftercare still to this day is important to me. This started the chain of events two months later I’d bought my first riding crop. And the rest is history. My question this time: What was your first fetish experience and how did it make you feel?