Genesis of a Dominant Man- Revelations and formulations


It’s that time again lovely readers, the fortnightly blog post by yours truly. Well I’m not going to disappoint but I think I should warn you this post has a surprise at the end.

Sexhibition is next week and of course Victoria has requisitioned my help for the day I’ll be at the stall until 3pm, then I’ll be busting out onto the catwalk in latex designed and created by the gorgeously talented Catriona Stewart. This event will be the largest of its kind to ever grace the north of England, need I remind you we are a fairly kinky bunch up here, my fetish draw can testify!

Recently I found myself a group of people (Victoria is included in this set of people) who have enlightened and encouraged my life. Be it my protégé whose philosophical and creative spark have revitalised my approach to modelling and projects or Victoria who has enriched me with encouragement when it comes to the arts and the kinkier stuff also.

A recent chat with an old acquaintance has also given me a push to try something I have never done before. But more about that one at the end. You see people if you build a group of positive and creative people around that then becomes your influence, you gain so much and in return you give a part of yourself back. To say the least this is why I have made the choices I have this year, fashions shows (yes plural), a Guinness world record, clothing brand work, editorials and of course this blog have made this year such a joy.

That is why I am happy and over the moon to announce to you all that I’ve been writing, when I say writing I mean Victoria and my protégé have given me the confidence needed to begin writing my first authored book based on my diary. The acquaintance I spoke to was indeed the mysterious scarlet haired woman and sub from my past ‘RED.’ I’ve gained the okay from her to write my first book. Look out for previews and the title of it to be released at a later date.

So people Sexhibition is coming I hope to see you all there and also I look forward to joining the lofty heights of the smut writers.