Genesis of a Dominant Man – Question Time with a Dominant Man



Well I got a great response from my last piece, some great questions were asked. I’ll answer with as much of the knowledge I have at my disposal and my aptitude in the subject.

Firstly I’ll answer Victoria’s questions as it would be rude not to as she hosts my post.

What’s your favourite implement of torture/pleasure and how did you come to realise it was your favourite?

My favourite implement is my riding crop hence why I have so many, it’s a beautiful instrument of pain and for some people pleasure. I discovered my love for this piece of equipment when I was 2 years into being a dom and have never since regretted it.

Have any of your BDSM experiences ever gone wrong, how?

Other than my father walking in to my room once when I lived at home with my parents nothing comes to mind.

How did you learn about being a Dominant?

Experience really over the years I have gained a far better understanding of what makes a Dom. At the start though it was all based on my first experience where a girlfriend at the time asked me to tie her up and it spiralled from there.

Phaedra next who I know gets upset when I don’t post.

Do you go to a club or do you meet with your subs at home?

At the point of being with my subs I used to do a mixture of both, some were exhibitionists and liked nothing better than to be spanked in public others preferred the privacy of my home.

What is the longest relationship you have had?

My longest relationship is 4 years. She’s a beautiful woman and sophisticated one at that, very intelligent and with the ability to be supportive she helps a lot with my modelling.


And finally Tracey P who is always so polite and well mannered when I post.

Where do you meet your potential subs?

That’s a good question, my past subs have been from various places some from online via websites like fetlife others have been acquaintances who after getting to know them better have revealed their preferences. Fetlife is a great tool for meeting and discussing the fetish lifestyle but as with all things Internet based I would exercise caution not everyone is whom they seem.

Thanks for your questions if you would like to know anymore please drop a question in the comments box below. My question now for you all.

What is it about the fetish side either it be dom or sub or another form that intrigues you?