Genesis of a Dominant Man – Perspective.




It occurred to me though that alternative means so many different things to different people. You can have an alternative look, an alternative attitude but in this case is BDSM/fetish an alternative sex life/lifestyle?

Depends who you ask, in my case I’d say I live and breathe it. I’ve been a Dom 8 years now and I see it as completely normal yet to the vanilla people in the room I’d be alternative. It all depends on perspective. Which matters a lot especially—I have no doubt—in writing.


As I’ve been writing ‘A diary of RED’ I’ve come to realise that my own perspective as I’m writing it changes. Hence why it’s taking so long I keep getting nostalgic remembering all the intricacies that were involved in our relationship/arrangement. But I digress in short what I’m trying to say is an alternative look, an alternative point of view, an alternative sex life is one you haven’t explored yourself yet so be brave and experiment. It’s all in good fun.