Genesis of a Dominant Man – Non-Disclosure



I’m sure you’re all as thrilled as me to know that V is Back, yay!  I think that’s all the introduction he needs, lets face it, none of you want to be reading my words right now. Okay V, it’s over to you:




All the below acts are completely consensual. In every Dom/sub experience I’ve had we’ve agreed safe words and signals for both sides.


Mutual respect and trust are key elements of any good arrangement. So why is it that today on my day in college one of sub 3’s best friends has just approached me asking about the fetish things I do. A brief conversation reveals that 3 has broken the part of our agreement stating non-disclosure. Now her friend wants a similar arrangement, my mind is a playground with how I could punish 3 before I terminate our arrangement. But a betrayal on this scale requires a reaction of equal measure.

This young lady who has approached me maybe of use for this after all, I take her number and promise to message her later. She turns and runs back to her friend, red hair flowing behind, I must admit this will be enjoyable.

Messaging 3, I arrange to have a session with her this Saturday informing her that a particular clause around the inclusion of another person in our arrangement could be invoked. Messaging her friend I say to meet me for coffee and a discussion on the Friday before. Coffee with the friend goes well, we discuss a range of things before creating a contract. The arrangement however will only begin after a proving of her character and commitment

On Saturday Sub 3 arrives on time for our session.  She is always punctual. She is dressed in pleasing attire but it isn’t long before she is tied up and blindfolded. I set about my work.  I glance at my phone quickly when I receive a message saying that part of the punishment has arrived.

I grab a flogger from my desk and start to flog 3 on her ass, her tits and her thighs. Once I view that enough is enough I flip her onto her back and slide a vibrator deep inside whilst I lick her now wet quivering clit. Her moans gain momentum and I can see the climax forming within her at which point I stop and instruct her to keep the vibrator inside whilst I go fetch something.

I re-enter but this time I’m not alone. Gently I tie back her red hair, gently guide her to the bed and motion for her to start devouring the quivering pussy of her friend. 3’s moans grow again and I instruct her that she may not cum ‘til I say whilst I play with the red head’s tight holes. She is barely containing herself, the pleasure unbearable to resist. I smile.

“This is your punishment for betraying my trust.”  As I say the words, “sub you may cum now.” I remove the blindfold. She screams with pleasure, a look of shock on her face as she sees her best friend eating her out and giving her such an intense orgasm.

She looks at me now knowing straight away that I know she spoke of the arrangement.

“Our arrangement is over, it has been a pleasure and I wish you well.”

Then I reward her friend kissing her fully and groping her body, I push her forward into doggy position and fuck her hard not stopping until we both have climaxed in front of my now ex sub. Untying her she dresses and I walk her to the door.

“I’m sorry I betrayed your trust and our arrangement.”

“Not as sorry as I am that it must end but this is why the contract exists.”

One simple rule with me, if the contract we both agreed in mutual trust and respect is broken then it is over.

The down side: I lost a sub I had come to regard as amazing in a lot of ways. Plus side: it turns out her friend, my sub 4 is so much more kinkier in all the right ways.