Genesis of A Dominant Man – La Beauté de Raven




Let’s see what shall I write about today? The question I ask myself when I come to write my blog post. Do I give them a diary entry? Possibly a piece on BDSM? Perhaps an opinion article? The options are endless. I know what Victoria likes me to write about, usually Red or my diary entries.


Sub 5, whom from this point on I’ll refer to as Raven, hasn’t been touched on much by me. Let’s delve into a past exploit of mine involving her.

Now a key thing to note with Raven is she was a masochist as well as a sub, the woman got off on pain being inflicted upon her so much it actually brought her to climax. Never quite met a woman like her but I digress. I’d arrived after my day in the city of Manchester knocking curtly on her door which opened seconds later.

To say Raven had an ample bosom was an understatement. The corset cinching her waist was barely containing her, the robe tied around her wasn’t doing much better. Entering she took my bags dutifully from me and proceeded to lead me to her lounge. She stood and waited, beckoning her over I slid loose the robe tie and let it slide off her, this revealed that gorgeous hourglass figure of hers. Running a hand from her cheek slowly down to her neck I gripped her throat pulling her closer to me I could feel her pulse racing, predictably, the slightest force and she would become excited. My spare hand checked the front of her virtually non-existent French knickers and of course a warm wetness had begun to appear to the touch.

I’m not giving you this so easily

Standing I released her throat and told her I was thirsty. She moved quickly heading to the kitchen to prepare me a drink, I followed removing my belt as I did. Once in the kitchen I grabbed her throat once more turning her to face me.

“Bend over the counter and spread your legs now.” I instructed.


Raven complied quickly my hand traced her now sodden underwear I gripped the edge and pulled them down to reveal her wet pussy. I gave her a little stroke before stepping back, the belt in hand I brought the harsh leather down across her waiting cheeks.

The noise made was a mixture of arousal, shock and pain. But she replied,

“Thank you sir may I have another?”

“Count each one till we reach twenty, you bad girl.”

Each strike left a glorious red mark across her behind as she implored for another.

“Twenty, thank you sir.” Her response when the last stroke had fallen.

Touching her now very sore derriere I could feel the heat from the marks I had left, these would bruise but I wasn’t even close to finished yet.

Grabbing her gorgeous brown hair I pulled her up from the counter and led her to the dining room table. Guiding her to a kneeling position I leant against the table.

“Remove my trousers Raven.”

She did so without hesitation her excited hands fumbling with the zip, any longer messing around and she’d have earnt another stroke with the belt.

The fact I was aroused was quite evident her hands stroked longingly at the protrusion hidden by my boxers. “Take him out and show me how much you enjoy him.”

The command couldn’t have been seconds from my lips before she has my erection between hers. Raven’s head bobbed up and down as she licked, sucked and deep throated my cock. My eyes rolled back on more than one occasion

God this woman knows how to please.


On one such occasion I grabbed a fistful of hair and held her head where it was, lips around the base of the shaft. The gag kicked in and I could hear her struggle releasing her she gasped air, rubbing and stroking my cock as she recovered.

My hands in her hair again I made her stand pushing her onto the grand dining table, she lay back on it. Lifting her legs over my shoulders I drove my hard, throbbing dick deep inside her tight, waiting hole. Her gasp was quickly changed to moans of pleasure as I built up my rhythm. My hand found her throat and as I felt her coming to climax I quickened my pace looking deep into her brown eyes.

“May I come sir?”

“Please sir may I come?”

“I’m so close now please may I?”

These questions were asked and to each I said.

“No you may not.”

My pace intensified as Raven struggled to contain what was building within her. Finally as her last moments of resolve appeared to fade I pronounced.

“You may come now.”

I’m sure there were people three streets away who heard her release of pent up pleasure. Her body shook and her head fell back as she came, but I didn’t stop I kept my rhythm constant.

Sliding out of her, I unclasped her corset releasing her amazing breasts. Guiding her again she began to move her tits in a familiar motion over me. Pretty soon this tit wank was bringing me to climax, Raven could tell, she moved her head down and opened her waiting mouth.

I was getting dizzy at this point feeling the surge building, those naughty eyes looking up at me. The moment of orgasm came and I almost fell backwards as my cock fired jets of cum all over Ravens boobs and mouth. She licked her lips, swallowing every drop before licking my cock dry of cum and rubbing what landed on her tits in. I fell back onto a dining room chair as Raven crawled to my legs and I began stroking her hair.