Genesis of a Dominant Man – Everything Has It’s Place


genofvbruceIt’s that time again, folks. The gorgeous V Bruce is back with his diary and this week, well let’s just say the content might just surprise you a little!

Everything Has it’s Place.


Things change, a lifestyle shifts and opportunities arise. College was over and an interview for a good future had guaranteed me a job what more could a man ask for?

Sub 4 and I by this point had been in an arrangement for a year which had become a relationship for the last 4 months. Having been invited to my friend’s wedding it was natural that I would take a plus one. Having agreed it with sub we packed our bags and set off for the hotel and got checked in and sorted where our room was.

We’d been an amazing pair for the arrangement and even more so as a couple. This was our first proper break away together. We both decided to grab a shower, together of course, water conservation has been a keen interest of mine for many years. The hot shower with plenty of room to move and play was perfect for a steamy session. I love to give oral when I have the chance and this was a perfect one by the end of the time my head was between her legs sub almost buckled luckily, I stood up quick enough to catch her. Exchanging a kiss I spied my watch in the corner and realised we would be late at this rate.

I washed myself and helped sub wash herself before stepping out, drying off with a towel and leaving sub to get ready in the bathroom. Throwing my suit on, I did up my tie and waited patiently on the bed. When she finally walked out my jaw hit the floor, her red luscious hair now in light curls over her shoulder and the black dress which made my mind go places it loves, she was an image of beauty and perfection.


The wedding ceremony was beautiful and conducted on the ideals of partnership. The meal was divine, plenty to eat and the starter, main and dessert suited the happy couple’s day well.

I had bought myself and sub several drinks by now and she snatched me up to go dance after the newlywed’s first dance. Leaning in she whispered something in my ear. ‘I love you, V.’

I had never had a sub at this point who I’d had a relationship with, also through years of trying to avoid love this was a different experience but an experience I already knew the answer to.

‘I love you too.’

Kissing, we danced and danced till we were shattered and retired to our room. This time the sex had a slight spice to it and it became a regular addition to our play sessions