Genesis of a Dominant Man – Cold Tiles, Warm Bodies


I get bored sometimes, it happens, and my mind wanders, my muse at the moment mentioned she was going for a shower and this is the result – a lovely little short. Feel free to put yourself in either role all that matters is that you enjoy it.



Cold Tiles, Warm Bodies by V.Bruce.

The jet of hot water felt heavenly on her skin as she washed away the grime of the day just passed. The door opened and in walked her man smiling, He admired her naked form through the glass partition. She smiled and got back to washing. A sudden shift occurred in the bath as a pair of hands moved over her body, another form pressed against her from behind his lips leaving a trail on her neck. Turning she looked deep into his gorgeous eyes and was lost then into a passionate kiss, their tongues dancing together.

His hands caressed and groped her nude form taking in every inch of her. Her hands had already found their place on his pronounced erection, She began to massage it much to his enjoyment. Not wanting to leave her out he ran a hand ran down to the trimmed garden below sliding between the lips to begin the sensual massage he knew she loved.

Their kisses of passion were cut short as he began the kiss trail down her body stopping to lick and suck her now excited nipples before continuing his journey ending between her legs. She acted instinctively, grabbing his hair as the soft motion of his skilful tongue began her ascendancy into pleasure. Moans echoed around the bathroom as he slid a finger inside her tight wet pussy stroking the area he knew would bring her to climax. His tongue never paused, not even once .

Her crescendo came strong and with great speed, her legs quivered as the waves of pleasure crashed over her like the water of the shower. Holding her to make sure she didn’t fall from this sudden loss in control he stood, turning her and pressing her body up against the cool tiles and guided his hard cock deep inside her. She gasped her excitement. It felt so big but the water had aided in his endeavour. His thrusts were greeted by the grinding of her body against his, heightening the experience for them both.

Hands groped, lips kissed and little playful nips with teeth were given. Pulling out he turned her to face him, lifting her so she could wrap his legs around his waist. He entered her again her back pressed to the cold tiles as he went deeper and harder than before. The kisses being exchanged were matched only by the want and desire shared by them both. Her nails dug into his back leaving their mark as he was spurred on.

Finally she felt him swell within her, the surge had started and she would make it blow his mind. His moans were now easily heard as he came to the apex of his threshold, a huge cry released as he delivered his load deep within her. The feel of his climax being pumped deep within her brought about a final wave of pleasure for her. Their embrace and shared affection clear and profound. they washed each other taking time to appreciate the many unique parts of each other’s bodies.

So, what do you think?