Genesis of a Dominant Man – A Flight of Red



Well ladies and gents though no doubt predominantly ladies I believe, it is time once again for my post and what could I be writing about this week?

Well this time I thought why not revisit Red and explain a few things about this lovely sub of past times. She was a rare lady and unique in every way she possibly could be, a fierce woman of intellect who though a sub in our relationship had a fight in her that most lack in life.

As you know our arrangement developed into a relationship and I grew to love her. The thing with relationships of all kinds even fetish/kink based is sometimes life has a habit of throwing things in your way.

Summer had come and the end of college for Red and start of University in September down in Oxford. I’d also been asked to  head to Le Havre in the North of France for work in September for 5 months. This we knew was the nail in the coffin of our time together, many times we discussed whether we could make it work but to no avail. This would be the last summer I spent with Red and I made the most of it, we visited torture gardens down in London and thoroughly explored all avenues of kink and fetish we hadn’t before.


The final night with Red before I headed to the airport was one of the kinkiest nights I have ever experienced. She’d booked us a hotel near the airport and packed all her toys and mine. Arriving at the room I was greeted with a sight that few could resist; my sub sat in the skimpiest lingerie I had ever seen holding my riding crop in her hands and wearing the collar I had given her.

“Sir, this is our last night as Sub and Dom your will is my pleasure.”

I stepped into the room and locked the door behind me, I can’t remember how I ended up in front of her but my hand had taken the crop and was running it down her body which quivered at the touch of the leather instrument. Raising her to stand with one hand, I looked deep into those beautiful eyes and let the crop fall to the floor as I embraced her in a kiss of pure passion, love and want. Her body moved in closer to mine as we fell onto the bed, our hands caressing and groping each other’s bodies. Reaching over I grabbed inside the bag producing a set of handcuffs and quickly locked them in place on her wrists.

Sensing where this was going, Red pushed back and smiled coyly. Kissing down her body I reached her pelvis, taking my time there to kiss down towards the sweet heaven that awaited me. My hands glided over her legs lifting them up and groped her lovely derriere. My fingers pushed the barely there lingerie to one side as I began my caress of her thoroughly wet pussy. My tongue slipped effortlessly over her clit producing moans of ecstasy from Red.

Her hands cuffed, I could feel the frustration as usually at this point she’d have run them through my jet black hair. Her hips bucked as pleasure started to build up, my tongue moving just how I knew she liked. The question she asked was just for show she wasn’t going to wait for my permission it wouldn’t be fun for either of us, that way.

“May I come?”

“No, you may not.”

That was promptly ignored and Red’s hips bucked as a wave of pleasure crashed over her. Of course, this brought about the desired effect that she was spun onto her front and spanked twice for her effort.

“tut tut, Red you know my rules.”


Reaching out I pulled a long, black leather flogger from the bag at the side of the bed. Running it over her back I could feel her body move with its caress, my first strike with it was soft but only intended to make sure I found my target. 20 strikes of the flogger fell at the start, she tensed but towards the end Red was rather enjoying it.

Running my hands over her gorgeous body I took a handful of her beautiful hair and pulled her head back so I could whisper in her ear.“ This is the last time for us, so I’m going to take my time and enjoy this with you to the full.”

Removing the Hitachi from the bag I plugged it in and pulled Red’s lingerie part way down her thighs twisting the toy in it so it stayed fast. I pressed the head on her now quivering pussy. The gasp of shock as I turned the toy on caught her off guard and almost made her curse, but she remembered Master doesn’t abide foul language. Sitting down in the chair next to the bed I flicked the button on the remote to increase the power of the toy. Removing my tie I stood and proceeded to gag red with it, my knot simple but effective. Returning to the seat I kicked the toy up another notch, Red’s muffled moans of pleasure being only matched by the sound of the toy. I could hear the muffled pronouncements of faith and curse words but decided against punishment. Red was doing so well to stop herself coming without permission that her face was going the colour of her hair. I lowered her gag
“Red would you like to come?” I asked.


“Yes, Master I want to come  so badly, please can I please?” Her voice a gasp in between moans.

I knocked the toy up to its final and most potent setting.
“You may come.” I announced.

The moan/scream/pronouncement that came forth from her lips came harder than I’d ever heard before, Red didn’t usually make a mess but the bed was now drenched. Turning off the Hitachi I slid Red’s underwear off and removed the handcuffs. She rolled over onto her back a look of bliss and want on her face. Sliding over to me her deft hands had my trousers and boxers round my ankles in no time, releasing my now very pronounced erection.

Kissing and licking up the shaft her hands groping my rear, she took me full in the mouth. My head dropped back as the surge of pleasure hit me. Her technique as flawless as ever, she deep throated me and brought me to near climax, occasionally glancing up at me with those gorgeous eyes.

No, I thought, I will not end this now,

Moving myself away from the ecstasy that was being given, I commanded she come to stand at the end of the bed. Turning her round I kissed her neck and ran my hands over her body, her moans of approval and want matched only by her body’s reaction to my touch. Reaching down I guided my member into her waiting warmness and began the rhythm that we’d done countless times. This time though there was something different, we both were taking this experience in, ever thrust, moan, touch, kiss, bite and scratch, savouring it.

Naturally, my desire took control, my hips thrust, pushing me deeper inside her, hitting all those amazing spots as the rhythm picked up. Her moans had grown louder and pleasure forced Red to use the bed for support, leaning forward onto it. My hands spanked and groped her gorgeous arse as the tempo continued to increase. The surge started again, the pleasure  was already starting to make me lightheaded.
“Master, let it happen, please come inside me this one last time.”

How could I not oblige my Red’s last request? Letting go of restraint, my instincts took control. I took a firm grip on her hips as I slid harder and faster in and out of her. The climax hit us both at near enough the same time, I broke my own no foul language rule.
As my cock pulsed and delivered my hot cum deep inside Red, she collapsed. Her body rocked with an intense orgasm spurred along by my pulsing member deep within her.

Sliding out of her, I collapsed on the bed. Red crawled over to me and nuzzled into my arms for a night of love and passion that I would be feeling for weeks to come.

At the airport the following morning she wished me well, a tear rolling down her cheek I brushed it away with my thumb and kissed her forehead.

“I hadn’t known proper love for years ‘til I met you. Sometimes I wondered who was in control you or me but it never mattered. I had you and that was all I needed. Go be great and do all the amazing things I know you can.”

I kissed her lovingly on the lips and turned to head down to the gate, leaving her.

“Goodbye Red, my sub, my girlfriend, my love and my friend.”