Genesis of a Dominant Man – Forgive me Master for I have Sinned #BDSM



I’m so excited to announce a new, regular guest spot from the gorgeous V Bruce. Forget Christian Grey, this guy is the real deal. He recently introduced himself over at the Brit Babes blog and from here on in you’ll be able to see regular posts from this real life dominant exclusively here on – Yay!

This week’s real life tale of dominance starts in church of all places!

Forgive me Master for I have Sinned by Matt S

church pews

All the below acts are completely consensual. In every Dom/sub experience I’ve had we’ve agreed safe words and signals for both sides.

Strange isn’t it, absolution, the church, forgiveness for sins, trespasses and temptations. I’m the Grandson of a Church of England Vicar so being a Dom should have probably been for from what my mindset became, bringing into account my pious upbringing.

Yet there I was sat on the harsh varnished pew again asking for salvation and forgiveness for past misdemeanours and sins. A slight fidget to my right caught my eye, the culprit a slim well toned blonde at the older edge of 18 years old with her hair tied up. She was dressed in more conservative attire than she usually did even for church.

Shifting uncomfortably in her pew brought a faint smirk out of me, musing to myself that disobedience had its price- it always does.

I Flashed back to that particular session only a few days ago the arrival of my on again and then off again Sub. I never gave her a number her contract was a come and go arrangement. Though many hate arrangements like that, it suited me fine as I was in a stage of non committal and exploration. When she came to me she was very willing to serve following my direction to strip out of her attire which though pleasing on her was a hindrance I didn’t need. It seemed as well for she was far cheekier when commanded and strained more whilst being restrained -which she no doubt thought would amuse me. A few rough slaps to her behind soon helped with my bonds.

The realisation that this beautiful, supple creature with her toned and defined body ,whom in the eyes of all our church was a living breathing angel, was on her knees begging to be allowed to slip into ecstasy of pleasure brought a dark smile to my face. The idea of corrupting what people deemed to be innocent with my dark intentions and temptations was a boost to my dominant ego, I guess.

That night’s events I had thought long and hard about since her text asking if the contract was still valid. I had added to my equipment which I’d arrayed on the desk the extras included a very heavy leather flogger, a set of fetish candles, ball gag and some nipple clamps. These were a welcome addition now in hindsight.

Chains and locks were my choice of bindings., By this point she was already bound my bed frame positioning heron all fours. My hands moved deftly over her body appreciating every inch, it was always a pleasure to have it at my disposal. My hands stopped upon her breasts grabbing a nipple between my fingers pinching them pulling towards me. She emitted sharp intakes of air followed by moans of enjoyment. Removing the nipple clamps from the table I attached a clamp to each nipple tightening them till the noise Sub made was to my liking. Attaching a few weights to the connected chain I let her moan away as they swung back and forth.

Reaching out I removed the flogger from the desk, running it up her body from the toes up to her perfectly sculpted ass and slowly up her back, the shudder that followed only making the weights swing and bounce more. The leather teased her skin, So many times she told me how she loved the feel of leather on her bare skin. Drawing my arm back I brought it crashing down, the leather tongues contacting with her exquisite behind. Sub released a gasp of shock as she shifted in her bindings the clamps and weights swung all the more.

‘Which commandment are we breaking tonight?’

I declared as another stroke of the flogger made contact.

‘Master it’s the one I have broken all week thinking of this night, forgive me Master for I have sinned.’
Came her reply.

‘So thought, now word and in a few moments deed, but you didn’t say it.’

‘Thou shalt not commit adultery.’

The subs response through gritted teeth as another stroke fell.

‘Say it for each stroke.’

I instructed and Sub did it for twenty more strokes of the flogger. Each time she answered with the commandment.
Tossing the flogger back onto the desk I ran my hand over her now bruised derriere sliding down between her thighs finding the familiar wetness there telling me she was enjoying this sensation. Running my fingers along her pussy sent shivers up Sub’s spine and moans of pleasure soon began to escape her lips. Unzipping my fly I released my cock from where it had been straining against my boxers. Slapping it on her bruised ass aroused gasps of surprise that soon changed to excitement as she pushed back, spreading her cheeks to show what she desired. Rubbing the head of my cock onto her clit and hearing the purr that followed I decided it was time to treat my sub.

Moving my member so the tip of it pushed against the wet tight opening below, I wrapped a hand in her beautiful silken hair pulling her head back. I kissed her neck giving a playful bite before whispering in her ear.

‘Master forgives you.’

Hips moving forward the long, thick shaft sliding deep inside. I watch her biting her lip, and my thrusts became harder and faster. My hands spanking and groping her as her body moved with mine, creating levels of ecstasy I thought I’d forgotten. The climax for her came very quickly and so did the punishment.

Sub’s body arched as she came hard, her body shaking and rocking as wave upon wave of pleasure rolled over her, the cries of pleasure shook the room.


My hand dropped harshly and quickly in retaliation adding to the bruising already formed. Like an animal that knows it’s in trouble she looked up at me. I knew what she’d just remembered.

Rule number 5 you may only come when master gives permission for it, if you need to come you must ask permission.

I grabbed her hair and lifted her head so it was close to mine.

‘Forget something my sub?’ I enquired.

Nodding slowly in silence she looked into my eyes.

‘Let’s recap how this works. You disobey or a break a rule you earn a punishment. I think I have just the one.’
I spoke with a glint in my eye knowing this would be exquisite.

A quick flip and change of the chains and locks and she was now on her back chained to the bed. Grabbing the ball gag I secured it with my usual efficiency, removing the nipple clamps and weights at the same time. Walking to the desk I grabbed one of the candles and lit it with the lighter. Turning I saw the look of foreboding in her eyes looking up to me hoping I might relent but knowing that the punishment fitted the crime.

The first drops of wax that fell landed on her already sore and swollen nipples, sub flinched and strained against her bonds. As more of the wax fell however landing on that beautiful master piece of a body a change began. I could see she was savouring the feeling, the intense heat followed by a cool relief as the wax hardened gave rise to exquisite pain then pleasure. Blowing out the candle I unchained sub from the bed commanding her to kneel before me I lowered the head of my cock into her waiting mouth.

The oral sex that followed could be categorised as an ethereal and transcendent experience, surely there should be hymns and adulations sung of a woman with Sub’s prowess. Her tongue and skill something I have rarely experienced. My eyes suddenly shot open the surge had begun. I felt it growing, the pulsing started in my balls, Sub sensed it and continued, rubbing her hands up and down the shaft. Finally a huge moan of purest orgasm escaped my lips and overtook me as Sub took the full brunt of it in her mouth some spilling out onto her body. Every drop in her mouth she swallowed, kissing my tip she thanked me and then laid on the bed waiting for what I had in store next. The night had only begun.

Snapping back to reality, I realised my breathing had become heavy and my jeans felt very tight. I glanced over towards her. As she got up to head to the altar and receive communion Sub glanced towards me and smiled giving a sly wink as she went. My mind conjured fresh ideas for next time. When I stood for communion I mouthed in her direction:

‘Forgive me Father for I definitely will sin again.’