Egg-citing Day!

This morning I had a very important job to do, I had to judge the decorated egg competition at my daughter’s school.

It’s only for the older children, so as a governor and with my little girl not taking part, I get to be a judge! it’s always very difficult but also very entertaining. Some of the ideas are so fantastic, I’m always very impressed.

As We’re thinking about humour month, I thought I’d share some of the funnier ones with you. There was a poor Egg lying flat on his back on a hospital bed, he only had one leg. And over the bed was the sign ‘Broken Legg’ that really made me chuckle.

There was an Egg fishing, a baby egg with a dummy in his mouth, an egg driving a car and several cars with wheels on a racing track!

I do so love a good chuckle, it’s good for the soul. If you enjoy a good chuckle and a good romance check out the The Long and Short of It Reviews humour month competition, today you can win Catherine Wade Goodies.