Chocoholic Needs your unctuous Chocolate themed stories

Kev Blisse & Tilly Hunter want your Smut!

Do you love Chocolate?

Do you write Erotica?

Did you know you could combine the two into a decadent delight?

Last year lots of wonderful Erotic Writers did just that to bring you “Smut for Chocoholics” (


This year we want lots more of the same with “More Smut for Chocoholics” (you know one chunk is just never enough!) so we want your chocolate themed erotica, it can be from any genre even fantasy, sci-fi, historical or futuristic as long as it has an erotic twist and features chocolate somehow. We are looking for stories between 3,000 – 6,000 words.   So have a few sticks of your choccy of choice and get inspired!

The rest of the information about the call for subs can be found at

And here’s a snippet from my Smut for Chocoholics story to get you in the mood!

“There is nothing better than chocolate warmed on a lover’s body, licking sexy smears from her skin, sharing one little piece between our lips, sucking and licking the chocolate and each other, the it all just melting into to a hot, gentle, probing kiss.”

He’s leaning on the countertop, resting his elbow on the glass and his chin in his hand. I’m leaning towards him, his words must have pulled me forward, there is only an inch or two between us and he’s looking directly at my lips. I gulp. My mouth is dry, my mind empty, I am locked in his gaze, poised on the edge, waiting for him to make a move. In the end I’m not sure if I leaned over the counter first or if he did but our lips met. It was a soft, tentative greeting at first and once acquainted my lips pressed hard against his as lust ignited between my thighs and I just let my instincts take over. My breasts sweep against the edge of the cold glass top, chilling me even through the thick cotton of my tabard and the shirt beneath. It’s only then I realise I am full on snogging a customer in my shop and anyone could walk in at any moment. Reluctantly I pull back.

“We can’t do that here,” I pant, “as much as I’d like to.” I add. I also notice that his lips went a deep shade of pink when kissed. A very attractive colour indeed, like the filling of my strawberry creams. I wanted to kiss them again to see if they would be as tasty and sweet.

“Indeed,” he replies, “what time do you shut?”

“Well, any time now, really,” I reply, “you’re usually my last customer of the day.”

“Well then, Maria. Will you package me up a dozen of your finest chocolates then accompany me to dinner?”

“Oh, I’d love to,”