Carla Croft -Why I write what I do.

The lovely Carla Croft is here today to tell us about what brought her to writing erotica. So over to you, Carla!


I recently received an email asking why I write the way I do. A great question. One I never really had the answer to. My stock answer has always been “it’s just the way it is”. Not really good enough; especially for someone who claims to want to write the best possible erotic fiction she can.

My sexual awakening happened when I was about 12. My father regularly received large brown envelopes in the post. I was curious why he never opened them at the table with all the other letters. One day I decided to find out.

I can vividly remember sneaking on tip toe into my parents’ bedroom. Because I was doing something naughty I thought it was best done with the lights out. My heart pounded out of my chest as, trembling, I looked in drawers and under the bed and then, in a cupboard covered by a simple curtain, I found a stack of magazines. Curious I took the top one and opened it with all the innocence of my youth. In the half light from the window it looked like any normal magazine albeit with a pretty girl on the front. I sat on the bed. Even now I can remember the smell of the print and the smooth, glossy feeling of the pages and even the weight of it, heavy in my hand. Flicking through the pages, they fell open at the centre fold. I gasped. My heart leapt. A voluptuous naked woman stared up at me. Her perfect breasts, her achingly long thighs in a pose that reminded me of a Roman Goddess lying full length at some Bachanalian feast. Her dark eyes burned out of the page at me with an allure that held me spell bound. I found myself exploring my own body. My fingers travelled instinctively to where they needed to go.

From that day I found I had a voracious sexual appetite. The illicit forays into my parents’ room began in earnest and I became a regular sneak thief. I confined my thievery to the middle of the stack; here, I guessed, no one would notice. Sometimes I chanced taking more than one, replacing the ones I had read and taking more stuffing them down the back of my jeans and running quickly into my room to hide them away for later. The wait until bedtime was unbearable.

In bed, I read them cover to cover under the sheets with a torch, caressing the pages as I would later touch my lovers. When other girls were reading comics I was a fan of Bob Guccione and Carrie the comic girl strip. The photos were gorgeous, but, my favourites were the letters. I read each one over and over again. They were intoxicating, spell-binding. The flutter in my stomach and between my legs grew on each read. I found that my fertile imagination conjured up more powerful images than the photographs. I preferred my mind’s eye to do the seeing. Those letters, some badly written, some graphic, some poetic, some funny were my introduction to erotic fiction, the love of which has never died.

So in answer to the question; I write to recapture for you the thrill of those letters, on those illicit nights under the covers. I want you to feel like I did back then. The frisson of holding something illicit having those wonderful sexy stirrings. I want you to be with me on that first discovery, sitting on the bed with me in the dark, with that marvelous, glossy magazine in your hands, feeling the smoothness of it, smelling the print, feeling the weight of it and thinking of joy, love, and sex.


Thanks Carla! You can pick up her excellent Threesomes books now from amazon (just click a cover above) and I have had the pleasure of reading them. They are short sweet treats written as confessions of a friend to her, the author. In first person they drag you in to the action as if you’re being told them directly. It’s a very good way to get a person really engaged with a story. The variety of stories is superb, you get a mix of different scenes, different kinds of people and lots of hot sex! Please note the Threesomes in the title refers to the fact you get 3 sexy little stories in each volume, they are not necessarily menage stories, just so you know!

But definitely pick them up if you’re a fan of erotic anthologies. These are well written and sexy so you’ll love’em!