Blissemas Day 8- Merry Kinkmas from V Bruce! @Talksmut #blissemas16 #amazingo


Christmas that wonderful festive time of the year have you been naughty or nice I wonder?

Well no guesses as to what I have been but then again you have read my blog so you knew that already. Last year you had a glimpse of what a kinky Xmas with my ex sub Red entailed. This year however I will be breaking in my new sub with Xmas cheer and by Jesus, Santa and the three wise men will it be enjoyable.

I do wonder what present she may have in store for me and I wonder whether she will like what I have in mind for her?

But I digress, this year I do believe I shall involve some festive red rope in my celebration play time, a paddle or two to make her cheeks a festive rosy colour and of course some wax play candles of festive green and red to warm her as is custom.

Now as it is Christmas it has come to my attention people want to know where to buy items of repute and quality. Well I tend to do bespoke items from good suppliers so here is my list.

The Bondage Man: from candles to implements of pain and rope this gentleman will service you well.

Lovemespankme: for those who want a more personalised touch to their toys lovemespankme will indulge your filthiest ideas she also stocks candles.

Simply Pleasure: whilst a well known chain it is reliable for your more pleasure related toys Aka doxy wands.

Uberkinky: stocks many a fetishists dream collection so go check them also.

And I do believe my blog is up I do so wish you all a Merry Kinkmas and a Happy New Year.

To be in to win the kindle Voyage answer this question in the comments below: What kinky thing would you like to find in your stocking on Christmas morning?