Big book of Orgasms Interview and Giveaway!


I’m excited to be part of the Big Book of Orgasms tour as I’m lucky enough to have a story in this brilliant compilation of sexy stories. Read on for your chance to win a copy of this brilliant anthology. But first, let’s hear from the Editor, Rachel Krammer Bussel. She’s a very busy lady but I managed to ask her just three little questions to get an insight into this book of ecstatic moments.

1. What made you decide to edit a book about orgasms?

The Big Book of Orgasms was inspired by two previous anthologies of mine, Orgasmic, which featured 25 stories by women about female orgasm, and Gotta Have It: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex, which, like TBBOO, features 69 short short stories and is a similar size and format. I loved that smaller format, the way the book felt in my hand, and wanted to expand the concept of orgasm erotica to include everyone. Thus, The Big Book of Orgasms was formed.

2. How is the BBOO different to other anthologies?

For me, it’s far and away my favorite of the over 50 anthologies I’ve edited, and the one that I consider perfect for newcomers to erotica or to my work. Because the stories are short, you don’t need a lot of time to read one, or a few, and it gives you a taste of many different authors’ work. Because I usually have a word count limit, there are usually 20-25 stories in my anthologies. Being able to expand to three times that amount meant I had room to include stories that I’m finding are truly resonating with readers, such as the humorous and hot “Remote Control” by Logan Zachary, about a couple who find the title device and use it to utterly change their sex life. To me this is truly a book that anyone can read and enjoy, whatever their previous knowledge of or interest in erotica. The authors do an incredible job of packing a full story and lots of hotness into a scant few pages.

3. Was it easy to pick the 69 stories for the anthology?

It was actually easier than my usual editing job, because I had so many options to choose from. I think there are some people who think “I can’t write an entire story in 1,200 words or less” and others who are encouraged by the shorter word count. Maybe they think, “I can sit down and in an hour or two, have a story ready.” The good thing with the shorter word count is you can envision the entire story as you sit down to write it, if that’s how your process works. So I had a range of stories to choose from. I never want to bore readers so I did my best to make it as varied as possible, both in terms of who’s having the orgasms, how and why they’re having them, as well as couples and solo folks. I loved being able to include so many new to the genre writers, as well as others I’ve published before, and I think the result is a book where every story is a powerhouse.

So that, in the words of the lady who brought the collection together is why you should read it.

Want to win a copy? CHeck out the Rafflecopter below. The winner will be picked on the 21st November and informed via email shoretly after.

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