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I deal with sex a lot, obviously, but today I’m looking at something in the Non-Fiction genre. It is great to use imagination to make fictional sex scenes exciting, but I also think it’s important to keep in touch with real sex issues, to see what is going on in the world right now.

Best Sex Writing 2013 Rachel Kramer Bussel Review

The Best Sex Writing series has fundamentally changed the way people think – and what they say – about sexuality. Once again, renowned sex writer Rachel Kramer Bussel has collected the year’s most challenging and provocative nonfiction articles on the endlessly evocative subject. Best Sex Writing 2013 is a direct survey of the contemporary sexual landscape. These literate and lively essays explore the role sex plays in present-day society. Introduced by Dr. Carol Queen, this thought-provoking collection from the world’s leading sex journalists is sure to stir debate.
I found this to be a great read. I don’t read much Non-Fiction and if I read any it’s to dip in and dip out or to glory in a recipe book. Best Sex Writing 2013 could be used as a research tool but I actually found it engaging enough to read through cover to cover. There are many issues covered from Sex in a retirement home (“Very Legal: Sex and Love in Retirement” – Alex Morris) to the reality of age play in a relationship (“Baby Talk” – Rachel Kramer Bussel) via all kinds of issues in between.

It is very interesting to look at how sex and societies perception of sex is changing or in some cases not. It’s fascinating to see the endless variety in sexual arousal and what turns people on and what doesn’t. I found many of the articles boiling down to finding what makes a person happy and whether that causes friction within society or not. It’s a little depressing to see how much does ‘freak people out’ in the sexual world. I am particularly interested in religious opinions on sex and so I found “Christian Conservatives vs Sex: The Long War over Reproductive Freedom” by Rob Boston a very interesting read indeed.

You’re going to find something to stimulate thought and debate within these pages, you may even find something that liberates your own sexual feelings. I think the over-riding message I received from reading Best Sex 2013 was that you should do whatever you want to do to get off and don’t let society fuck you over. We are living in a liberated age, here’s to even more freedom in the future. Knowledge is power, arming ourselves with sexual facts makes the sexual act all the more satisfying. It isn’t all about this appendage fitting into that hole, as we all already know, it’s something much deeper than that, something spiritual and intrinsic to our good health.

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