Azura Ice – Getting Even.

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Getting Even – Azura Ice

Whether male of female, we’ve all had one or two relationships that went bad (or more…ahem) in the most despicable way. Some are left at the altar, some find their significant other in the arms of someone else, and some end up in dangerous situations that often has the law interceding—not that the law is much help in such matters.

It’s human nature to want revenge. However, if the victim isn’t the sort to get even, he or she often wants to see the offender get their comeuppance. I’m just as guilty as anyone else. Sometimes ‘what goes around comes around’ takes too long and we feel the offender is going to get off scot-free; sometimes the Universe gives it back to the jerk or jerk-ette (lol) in small doses.

For me, I was taught to wait and let God/Universe handle things. I’m not a patient person so I use my writing to exorcise the turmoil of my past. That’s how Darkest Kiss, Darkest Bliss turned into a book. Deirdre has tried everything to keep her husband true to her, but when he consistently turns his back on her, she gets even in a very creative way. In doing so, she finds the man of her dreams and the loving relationship she has wanted for so long.


Stories are a great way to obtain revenge. Any writer will tell you this.

Why not find out how Deirdre gets even?


Deirdre loves Malachi, but the warning about his wandering heart has come true.

Shoved into a situation that tears Deirdre apart, she prays her suspicions about her husband are wrong. Glimpses of a powerful, handsome black man tantalize her, and his deep voice comes to her at unexpected times. Who is this stranger and how does he seem to always know when she needs him? The more Malachi follows his wandering heart, the more Deirdre finds herself drawn to her ghostly companion.

Soon it’s clear her husband has no intention of rectifying his playboy ways, so Deirdre turns to her grandmother’s book of Voodoo and faerie magic for help. Can she summon the power to keep Malachi with her…or will true love and magic from long ago release a new and powerful love?


Author Bio: Azura Ice’s work has appeared in a wide range of genres and publications such as: Would That It Were, Touch, GC, and Ohio Writer magazines as well as with publications in Canada and Turkey. Under her pseudonym, Molly Diamond, she was a regular contributor to Gent and Ruthie’s Club and has had fiction published in Hustler’s Busty Beauties, Penthouse Variations, and Twenty 1 Lashes. Ms. Bicknell is the author of many e-book and print titles, also writing as F.L. Bicknell and several other pen names. She has served as co-editor and managing editor for three different publishing houses. She is represented by TriadaUS Literary Agency.

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