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If there’s one thing I like more than romance, it’s hot romance. So a big thank you to Victoria Blisse for letting me visit today and talk about my favourite thing in the world.

I’ve been reading romantic fiction for as long as I can remember but was never really satisfied with stories where the innocent heroine was bowled over by the swaggering, alpha hero. So I began writing my own. My heroines were strong, funny, intelligent and every bit as sexy as the hero – which is probably why they didn’t find favour with the traditional romance publishers years ago. But self-publishing’s a very different story! I can make my heroines as strong as I like and the storylines as hot as my imagination allows, letting the readers judge.

To carve out a distinct niche, my romances are all set in Britain. The heroes are tall, dark and handsome – of course – as well as sexy, successful and unbelievably creative between the sheets. And in a world of waxed chests, they’re all deliciously hairy too. That’s the greatest thing about writing your own romances – your heroes can have all your favourite qualities and it’s such fun sharing hot scenes with them.

Love Notes Avis Exley

In Love Notes, Erika Fenn and Aiden Thirstan meet again five years after Aiden’s infidelity ended their passionate affair. In her rush to hate him, Erika’s forgotten how gorgeous and sexy he is – and he makes no secret of the fact that he’s still seriously interested. It’s a very long time since Erika’s had a man in her bed, so why shouldn’t she satisfy those neglected desires with Aiden’s hot body? How complicated could it get?

Things get very complicated between Allie Lawless and Radford Byrne, the hot couple in Lovers In Law. Allie loves men who have it going on above the collar as well as below the belt, so helping the super-intelligent barrister prepare a huge court case appeals in lots of ways. He’s sexy too, and the most outrageous flirt Allie’s ever met. If lust were a criminal offence, she’d definitely be guilty as charged. As for Radford, Allie’s his favourite kind of sexy and he’s hoping it’s not just her legal briefs he has a glimpse of.

Lovers in Law Avis Exley

Radford was such fun to spend time with. I started writing the story in the third person but his voice was so strong and he kept whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Eventually, the only thing I could do was let everyone inside his head by writing alternate chapters from Radford and Allie’s first person points of view. As Allie says about him – “Byrne by name and most definitely red hot by nature!” The extract below gives a taste of their relationship, although I had to clean it up. I didn’t want to shock Victoria! Enjoy xx


ALLIE’S STORY The taxi dropped me a few minutes before nine near Temple, home to many of London’s barristers, and the kind of place where you expect to find Charles Dickens around every corner. Radford Byrne’s chambers stood in the corner of a large, cobbled courtyard where a board outside listed counsel in order of seniority. As a Queen’s Counsel, or silk, Britain’s highest tier of barristers, Radford was predictably near to the top. I guessed he probably hadn’t risen that far up the list through being nice.

Undaunted, I smoothed down my skirt and fastened my jacket. Although I can get by just fine on brains alone, I often give them a helping hand by dressing to impress. Usually I’d go for businesslike designer suits and low-heeled shoes but I got the feeling I’d need to go the extra mile on this case.

No matter how hard-bitten and cynical a man pretends to be, a tight-fitting skirt, scooped neckline and high stilettos always swings legal opinion in my favour. And in my experience, no man expects a beautiful woman to be intelligent as well. So win-win.

At that time in the morning, the clerks’ office was buzzing with barristers rushing off to court and I waited ages to announce my arrival. Before I could however, a voice boomed down the corridor. “Where the hell is that damned woman?” it demanded as it drew nearer. “Someone call and find out why she’s not turned up.” Guessing I was the damned woman, I rounded on the voice just as its owner strode into view, ready to give him the sharp edge of my tongue. But the words died in my throat and I took a step backwards. When Mike had told me about Radford Byrne, he’d left out the most important detail.

The man was quite simply gorgeous.

Not the ordinary, drop dead, kind of gorgeous.

I’m talking the melt your bones with his big, blue eyes gorgeous. The brooding, mean and moody, beast between the sheets type of a guy. And with the kind of body that makes you just want to lie down and say, Yes please. Fuck me right now. Any way you like.

RADFORD’S STORY My voice caught in my throat.

When my clerk had told me Brindley & Ellis were sending a replacement solicitor, he’d left out the most important detail.

This woman was quite simply gorgeous.

Not the ordinary, strutting down the catwalk kind of gorgeous.

I’m talking the drive you insane with lust kind of gorgeous. The hot, hungry-mouthed tigress between the sheets type of woman. And with the kind of body that makes you want to pin her to the bed, rip off her clothes and say, I want to fuck you right now. Any way you like.

She rounded on me, her startling, green eyes flashing furiously with righteous indignation. My cock hardened at the thought of that kind of aggression in my bed.

“For your information, I’ve been waiting fifteen minutes,” she said. “Perhaps you should have checked before shouting the odds about that damned woman.”

Her full lips pursed, glistening with deep red lipstick; the kind that leaves kiss-marks across your chest and you never want to wash them off. This woman was tall, curvaceous and classy with long brunette hair and even longer legs. My favourite brand of sexy. She held out her hand to shake mine. Her nails were long and polished red. They’d look so sexy clenched around my cock.

“I’m Allie Lawless,” she said.

It figured. She looked like a no-boundaries kind of woman.

BIOGRAPHY Avis Exley clearly remembers walking into a public library for the first time at the age of four and falling in love. Ten years later, she discovered the romance shelves and has been reading and writing romantic fiction ever since. A typical day sees Avis lying on a silken sofa, sipping champagne and trawling the Internet for hot men to inspire her latest novel.

Rejections from publishers in the very early days made her afraid to submit her work anywhere again but it didn’t stop her writing. Consequently, she’d stockpiled over a dozen novels before anyone had the good sense to invent Amazon self publishing.

Love Notes and Lovers In Law are the first of these to be updated to fit the current, hot romance market but there’s plenty more in store. Both novels started life as gentle romances with innocent heroines, but they’re now so hot you need oven gloves to hold your Kindle. So steamy in fact, they’re currently on Goodreads’ Best Dirty Talk booklist for good or bad boys who talk dirty.

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