The Colour of Night part 4.

Hello everyone! Today I am continuing my story of lust, love and a tall dark stranger. Today’s Wank Wednesday prompt is #bell and the Silver Flash prompt is “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”


The Colour of Night -Journal entry 4.

Dear Journal,

It was like Big Ben went off in my head, bells and whistles and flashing lights were all blaring telling me to run away, to get out. Every sane sense in my body was telling me I was in danger, yelling sat me “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” but I chose not to listen to sanity.

I can’t tell you why I trusted him, I mean he just confessed he was a vampire so he was either a monster or a complete lunatic but I did trust him and yes, I wanted to be fucked. So I ignored the imagined bells of warning in my head and stayed where I was.

“I’m glad you said that, it’s been so long since I had a meal I was so desperate to fuck.”

“You should eat in classier places than macdonalds, then,” I laughed nervously.

“Very droll, my love, now shut up and let me fuck you.”

“Okay,” I squeaked as he kissed my neck and pushed my shoulder straps down until the dress pooled around my waist and the bra dropped away and got lost in the abundance of soft cotton around us. I imagined what it might be like to have his teeth digging in to my soft flesh and I found myself thoroughly turned on. I wanted him to suck my blood, I don’t know journal, I used to be so vanilla and kind of boring really but my Master has changed me. Hell, the fact I so happily refer to him as Master when I don’t know his name shows that.

It was a whirr of passion from there on in, Journal. I’d like to tell you of every minute detail but I was overwhelmed and I do not remember the mundane things. I don’t know how I lost all my clothes or if he was even wearing any to start with but I do remember being pressed against his naked body, my soft curves pressed into his hard lines.

“A feast, a delight,” he purred, his fingers burrowed deep within me, his cool lips tracing across my chest, nipping at my straining nipples, “you are delicious.”

“Fuck me,” I groaned, my body alight with desire, “please, Master, fuck me.”

“No,” He snapped, “I’ll fuck you when I am ready. I don’t want to rush this.”

He didn’t rush. He kissed every inch of my skin and left me whimpering below him as he replaced his fucking fingers with his flicking tongue. I came. I came with him buried between my thighs. I tensed, expected the bite but it didn’t come.

“I’ve learnt,” he said as he licked his lips, “over time, that if you can wait out until the second or even third orgasm the jolt of pure ecstasy when you feed is worth the agony of anticipation. Plus I’ve always enjoyed eating cunt and yours is an absolute treat. Now I’m ready to fuck you. Get on your hands and knees, now.”

I pulled together my aching limbs and moved into the position he wanted. I blushed, I knew the position left me open intimately to his gaze and I have a little insecurity about my big arse but he stroked my flesh so lovingly that I soon forgot my hang ups. Then he spanked me.

“Ow,” I gasped.

“That was for being obtuse.” His hand fell again.

“And this is being demanding.”

He continued to slap me and I loved it, oh dear Journal it stung, it really stung but it also made me feel light headed and flooded my pussy with sweet pleasure.

“And these,” He gasped hitting my reddened buttocks with renewed vigour, “Are for being so fucking gorgeous.”
Just as I wanted to cry out and beg for mercy, just when my arse felt as if it glowed with heat, just as I was about to sob he stopped slamming his hand down and forced his cock into me.

I write forced, what I mean is eased. He slipped into me so easily and my greedy pussy clenched and grabbed at him as he thrust. I wanted it so badly.

“Tell me, how you feel,” he panted, “tell me.”

“So full,” I panted, I tried to engage my brain, I wanted to make sense, to be poetic, to let him know how good I felt but I could not think. I just babbled out what I felt. “So hot, so alive. I feel like such a slut, your slut, I want to please you, pleasure you, want you to come inside me. I ache with the want of it.”

“Yes,” he growled, “yes, sweet Joanne, oh fuck.”

He reached round and pressed a thin finger to my clit. I was amazed that I was so close to orgasm again but it only took a few strokes of his finger combined with the rampant fucking of hi s cock to make me come.

I screamed, I clenched, he grabbed my hair and pulled me back, stretched my neck and his fangs dug into me. Yes, fangs. I felt the length of them pierce me but then I was immersed in the circuit of pure joy flowing round my body. I came and I came and shuddered and moaned and the high didn’t drop off until his mouth pulled away from me.
We dropped to the bed and lay still.

He pulled me to him, curved around my back and gently kissed my neck. It stopped stinging.

“My name is Henry and I think I love you.”

I was silent for a long moment, words just wouldn’t come.

“I think I love you, too, Master.”

And with those words my fate was sealed.

And that, my friends, is that. The end (for now, anyway) of Joanne’s journal entries. If you’re looking for more hot vamp action though, check out my Point Vamp Series.

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