Erotic Tombola

We now take our Erotic Tombola to lots of smut events, playdays, munches, fetish fairs and SmutMarkets and so we need lots of prizes, vouchers, merch and companies we can work with on a consistant basis, be it a big box of prizes once a year for multiple events, or prize packages throughout the year. By partnering with us we’ll give you premium advertising rewards as well as listing you as a partner in smut on our websites and featuring and promoting you heavily on our social media which now reaches over 10,000 people.

Interested in being a Partner in Smut?

What do we need?

Anything and Everything! Smutty things of all shapes and sizes from the weird to the wonderful, the chic to the budget, hitty, inserty, what the helly, we give a home to them all! It doesn’t need to be a massive expensive prize (although we love those too!) as long as it’s somewhat erotic that’s the main thing.

Here’s some of our past Erotic Tombola’s so you can see the kind of items that have gone well in the past.

Upcoming Themes

  • Impact Play: Paddles, Canes, Strops, Slappers, Belts, Etc.
  • Whips & Canes: Single tail, Dragon tile, 4ft snake whips, 6ft signal whips and 8ft bullwhips, and all types of canes.
  • Geeky: Sex toys of all shapes and size with a futuristic or geeky/nerdy/sci-fi edge.
  • Wax Play: We require soy candles, pourable candles, massage candles, blindfolds, wax play knives and all other related wax play items.
  • CBT: Cages, Crushers, Stretchers, Creams, Oils, Pinwheels, Electro-Stimulation and the like.

Does it need to be in Retail Packaging?

No, as long as it works and is clean then it doesn’t matter if it’s ex-display/demo. Customer Returns. Battered boxes are fine (we will repackage items if needed), also if a toy has not quite got all it’s attachments – as long as it’s working, that’s alright also, so do please check those dark corners of the stock cupboard ;)

What about Samples? Freebies? Promo materials? Merch?

Yes! Yes! Yes! We need them all, samples, promotional items, t-shirts, bags, badges, stickers, pens for our “pick your own” prizes. It’s a great way to clear out your merch so you can order some new ones ;)

How often do I need to send prizes for the Tombola?

You can send one big box of prizes to cover the whole year, or smaller boxs throughout the year. We have no max/min amount you need to send to be a Partner in Smut we just ask that you keep us informed on what you intend to do and that you do indeed provide prizes. We do reserve the right to remove you from our Partners in Smut if you’ve not responded to our emails and we’ve not received anything from you within 3 months.

What do you get in exchange?

  • Logo & Link in the Partners in Smut sections on our websites
  • 1920px width x 1080px height Advert on our HD Ad-Display with a higher rotation value
  • Your Logo on any pre-event tombola promotion
  • Discounts on Promotion at our SmutMarkets
  • Extended Promotion via our social media channels
  • Your flyer/business cards distributed at our events and others we attend
  • We’ll promote any of your own campaigns you inform us about

Yes, in exchange for your prize(s) we’ll display your advert on our HD Ad-Display on the Tombola where your prize is used. (We’ll even create an advert for you for free – if needed!) If you supply flyers/business cards with your prize(s) we’ll also distribute them for you too. We will take “sneak peek” picture of your prize(s) when they arrive and share it via our various social media networks which now reach a combined 10,000+ subscribers.

We also offer discount/free tickets for our events to tombola partners.