A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women

Face it, fairy tales were always kind of kinky: from beautiful queens tied up in knots by wicked sorcerers to a wide variety of naughty and nice scenarios. Someone was always getting tied to a bed!

In this new anthology of erotic romance fairy tales from the editor of the best-selling Fairy Tale Lust and Lustfully Ever After, the fairy tales are naughtier and have a BDSM twist. Retellings of the classics are joined with clever original tales, making for a darkly sensual and intensely romantic collection.

Cathy Yardley, author of Crave: The Seduction of Snow White, introduces this compilation of enticing out-of-this-world erotic romance.

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Black of Knight

I wasn’t supposed to believe in magic. I was a lady and such fanciful thought wasn’t encouraged, in fact thinking wasn’t held to be healthy for a princess at all. I thought a lot. I hadn’t always been a princess, the story is a long and drawn out tale with the usual dragon vanquished by a shining knight in too much armour so here is the shortened version.

Truth be told, the dragon hadn’t been particularly evil, he just got lonely. As long as I snuggled up with him at bedtime, and scratched any itches he might have I was left to my own devices most of the time. I roamed the forest without fear because everyone knew I was the Dragon’s daughter and no creature would harm me because they feared the consequences.

I talked to who I liked, when I liked, animals, fairies, pixies and even the odd troll. Then there was the handsome man who had wandered too deep into the trees that day. He had striking blue eyes under darker hair than mine and his lip quirked to one side when he smiled. That had been a good day, it had been my eighteenth birthday in fact.

It wasn’t long after that the shiny knight came. It was difficult to explain to him that I might have been a damsel but the only distress I was in was at his manhandling of me. I told him I loved the Dragon and that he wasn’t a cruel master but my father. I don’t think the words pierced the metal of his helmet.

I yelled to the Dragon in his own tongue to escape. I told him that the knight would fight, and such a scrawny thing was destined to get lucky and find the Dragon’s one weak spot, because that is how those things work. The Dragon, as wise as his hundreds of years, lumbered up, making the ground tremble. He then took to the sky for the first time in God alone knew how long and flew away, crying burning hot tears all the way. I wept too, but my tears didn’t boil, mores the pity.

So I was taken back to the castle by this very pleased and pompous man with thin lips and so much pride it leaked like grease through his pores. I was presented to the King and queen then thoroughly inspected. I caused quite the stir as I was clothed in the gifts of nature, nothing more. The fairies had sewn me a pretty and practical dress from a certain blossom that was strong and almost completely stain proof. It was also a tad transparent, but as I’d wandered around for years in the nude I thought nothing of that. I’d only worn it that day because I’d been searching out blackberries for a pie and it protected me from the prickle of thorn and the purple stain of juice.

I was poked at by strange and bony fingers and the little blemish above my ankle – which I had always thought looked like a tiny dragon’s paw – was declared to be the mark of the crown and I was welcomed back as Princess Eloise, the long lost daughter of the king and queen.

© Victoria Blisse

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