Unusual situations, new lovers and rare opportunities to satisfy cherished fantasies. ‘Thrill Seekers’ has ten original sexy short stories guaranteed to surprise, delight and arouse your imagination.

A Mischief collection, featuring stories by Victoria Blisse, Kathleen Tudor, Olivia London, Flora Dain, Elizabeth Coldwell, Rose de Fer and many more.

These stories from Mischief Books explore risky (and risqué) adventures. Juicy morsels here for straights, gays and swingers. Textures vary – one of the joys of story collections – but with seasoned writers like Elizabeth Coldwell, Rose de Fer, Giselle Renarde, Heather Towne and Kathleen Tudor on board we know we’re in safe hands. Some adventures take place in steady relationships; some with strangers or new facets of a familiar partner but all explore the thrills and spills of dipping outside the box.

A ride of a lifetime with a twist of limo (Flora Dain), girly show-time (Olivia London), a fun new way to fit married life around family obligations (Tenille Brown), rekindling an old flame (Victoria Blisse) and an elaborate plan to keep the fires lit (Cèsar Sanchez Zapata) all add to the mix and make this a varied and spicy read. Wicked maybe, dangerous for sure.
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