The Sexy Librarian is at it again! This time it’s after hours.

Forget the card catalog just for tonight.

Come to the back of the library, peruse The Sexy Librarian’s private stacks.

Still smart and edgy, with just the right amount of moxie, these stories illustrate the limitless imagination of some of the best erotica authors today.

Allow The Sexy Librarian to introduce you to some of her favorite and most trusted Erotica authors, who understand that sometimes you like it hot, intelligent, and occasionally, very, very… dirty!

Flipping the Switch by Victoria Blisse

Dancing for a sexy stranger brings out her inner exhibitionist and leads to a hot encounter on the night bus.

Contributing Authors

Victoria Blisse, Kass Goldsworthy, Malin James, Jade A. Waters, Sinclair Sexsmith, Emerald, Salome Wilde, Landon Dixon, Roger Leatherwood, Angela Caperton, Michael M. Jones, Lynn Townsend, Tamsin Flowers, Chase Morgan, Jim Lyon, Elise Hepner, Amy Butcher, Sybil Rush, Evey Brett, Nobilis Reed, Martha Davis, Michael Lewis, Jean Roberta, Alegra Verde, Eva Hore, T. Fox Dunham, Dee Maselle, Jillian Boyd, Annabeth Leong, Rachel Kramer Bussel and Rose Caraway.