Reader Advisory: This book contains a scene of MFM Ménage and some violence.

Two hot, sexy billionaires know what they want and they want her, but will they be happy to share nicely?

Kerry Matthews is used to stress—she runs her own high-end London club called Diamonds, but what she isn’t used to is attention from two very persuasive and powerful men.

Darren Bennett and Greg Stamford are life-long rivals, but call a truce to spend one night with sassy, curvy Kerry. They’re not content to share forever though. They both have a selfish desire to possess her completely.

Darren buys her seductive lingerie, flowers and chocolates, Greg flies her to Paris for a romantic break, cleans her flat and makes her breakfast in bed. Both vying to cement their place in her heart. She needs to decide between them but is dazzled by their persuasive personas and extravagant gifts.

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“Great place you’ve got here.”

I turned to thank him and he was still really close to my face. Our lips were centimetres away from meeting. I pulled back a little. He didn’t move at all.

“Thanks.” I smiled, uncomfortable at his close proximity. Not because I didn’t want him near—I suspected we’d have a lot of fun getting up close and naked. No, I felt on edge because I barely knew the guy yet he was arrogantly invading my personal space. It unsettled me.

“I’m hosting a launch party and I’m looking for somewhere special to hold it.”

I shifted position. If I couldn’t see how close he was I couldn’t be disturbed. That was what I thought, but it wasn’t true. I could sense him there, feel his breath on my cheek and all kinds of flirty and filthy images crowded my mind. I fought through them to concentrate on his words.

“I’d love to use Diamonds. It would be perfect.”

“Brilliant.” I nodded and faced him again. He was still uncomfortably close. “We’ll talk afterwards. I can give you prices and dates.”

“Thank you.” His face really was changed by a smile. I wondered how many people he had charmed into agreeing with him just by beaming at them. I was sure it would be a considerable number. A strong hand on my thigh broke my concentration. I still looked at Greg. He still grinned but he also squeezed my leg quite forcefully.

I wasn’t sure how long my jaw hung limply open but when I realised I clamped it back shut. I wondered if he was just a touchy kind of person, then dismissed that idea completely. Greg looked far too stern. Yet his hand was lying on my upper thigh. I gulped as he squeezed again. I didn’t know what to do. I should have pulled away—his touch was rather inappropriate considering we’d only just been introduced. I didn’t want to remove his hand from my body, though, it felt good. I also didn’t want to offend a man who was clearly interested in hiring out the club.

He didn’t move his hand. He didn’t squeeze or stroke, he just left it there imprinted on my thigh. I could feel it burning through my skirt to my skin. His fingertips rested just below the hem, they were on my naked flesh and I imagined Greg insinuating them underneath my dress and up past my drenched knickers to my pussy.

I sat still, like a statue. I looked up at the stage but I didn’t take in any of what was happening. I wondered if Greg’s hand on my body was the blatant signal indicating he wanted to fuck me that I thought it was. A few moments later, my mind still reeling with what might happen next, I was surprised to feel Darren’s hand slide onto my left thigh.

I looked over towards his unruly red hair and gazed at his pretty blue eyes. I was sure shock was written all over my face. He just winked. I smiled weakly. I wasn’t sure what else to do.

Two hot guys who coincidentally possessed enough money between them to buy my bar and all the other shops and houses in the immediate area were feeling me up at the same time. I found myself in a quandary. How the hell was I going to keep them both satisfied? There was only one of me but there were two of them. I supposed they could share me, but would they want to? It was a kinky idea, one that really, really appealed to me, but they were bitter rivals. I was positive they wouldn’t want to crawl into bed with each other and definitely not just to be with me.

Maybe I was getting ahead of myself, but I certainly didn’t want to do anything to offend either billionaire. It was mind-boggling that both of them were showing me interest. I sat still and tried not to breathe. I was afraid it was all going to go terribly wrong.

“…Greg Stamford!” The compère—Dave something I think his name was—looked at our table. The spotlight was fixed on us and Greg stood up, removed his hand from my thigh and strode towards the stage.

“After this, would you like to join me for a nightcap?” Darren didn’t waste any time, immediately turning to proposition me.
“Well, I have to stay here until the end,” I replied, “I still have work to do.”

Darren nodded and waited, pinning me under his ice-blue gaze.

“If you wait, I might be free then.”

“Okay, I’ll wait. You’ll be worth it.”

I was flattered. I know, awfully non-PC of me, but a hot billionaire wanting to spend time with me turned my head. I wasn’t used to it. I didn’t get many propositions at work, at least not from people who weren’t drunk or married or unattractive. I was on cloud nine. Then Greg came back with an award in hand.

“So, after we’ve finished here do you want to come to my room and talk business and maybe more?”

Billionaires are so to the point. Well, at least these ones were.

“Actually, mate”—Darren spat the word, making it sound less than friendly—“I’ve just arranged to have a nightcap with the lady.”

“Oh, you did, did you? Well, I got there first.”

“Fast isn’t always good, Greg,” Darren snapped back.

“You only say that because Stamford’s get the apps out there first.” Greg looked cocky. Darren looked like he was about to explode. I felt like piggy in the middle.

“Full of bugs and glitches.”

“Nothing that can’t be fixed.” Greg seemed mostly unruffled.

“Well, this can’t be fixed. Kerry has agreed to come with me after the show.”

“We have to talk business, I’m going to host a launch party here. Kerry already told me we’d talk after the ceremony.” Greg’s voice was raising with each comment. Soon everyone would hear and the ceremony would be ruined by two hard-headed big shots. I’d be a laughing stock.

“Well, you two talk. I’ll wait until you’re finished and then wake her up for a nightcap.”

“You little—”

“Would you two stop it?” I hissed. “Have you never learnt how to share nicely? There is plenty of me to go round.”

Both boys stopped and appraised my curves. My blood turned to fire inside me. I felt like I was trapped in an inferno between their gazes.

“Would you like that?” Darren whispered, looking to Greg.

“I would like you both to stop shouting and acting like kids,” I snapped.

“But would you like to spend the night with Greg and me, together? The three of us?”

I looked left. Greg was looking stoic. I didn’t think he let his emotions show very often. I looked right and Darren was staring intently at me.

“Yes, yes, I would.” What else could I say? I couldn’t run the risk of upsetting either of these men, and I did want to spend more time with them both, and who was I to turn down a threesome with the most handsome men in the room?

“What do you say, Greg?” Darren asked, “Share nicely, just for tonight?”

I melted into the background as the two enemies faced off. I could almost hear the wheels in Greg’s mind turning, evaluating the pros and cons while Darren’s icy stare spurred him on.
“Okay, just this once,” Greg conceded, “but no funny business.”

“No funny business.” Darren nodded and held out his hand. Greg clasped it briefly. I felt like I’d just been bought at a slave market and it felt surprisingly good. I had brought peace to two warring factions, temporarily at least. I wondered if I could keep up with both of them?

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